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Our law firm, Queen City Immigration Law, has agreed to partner with your conference to facilitate the processing of B-1 and B-2 temporary visitor visas for the foreign attendees. During the past year, foreign business professionals have experienced difficulty obtaining visas from consular officers of the Department of State.

For your convenience, we have prepared a checklist for you to use as a guide for gathering information to bring to your consular interview. Please go through this checklist thoroughly and organize all applicable documents. Once you are scheduled for an interview, please contact us to schedule a conference call for interview preperation.


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B1/B2 Visa Document Checklist

You will be receive request for conference call about interview information upon completion of the checklist. 

Petitioner's Name *
Petitioner's Name
Please include the full name of the individual and/or organization that will be petitioner for the application.
Please pick from the following.
General Petitioner Documents
Please bring the following documents with you to your consular Interview
Employer Letter
If you are an Employee representing a business, please bring a letter from your employer that explains the following information. If you own a business, please skip this checklist.
Business Information
If you are a business owner or business representatives, please bring the following documents that are relevant and important to the items requested below:
Conference Information
Please bring the following documents which are relevant to your participation in the conference to the interview