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Starting a Business in North Carolina

Choosing a business name, filing articles of incorporation, and obtaining an employment identification number in North Carolina can be an arduous task. Our black owned law firm has business attorneys that can lead entrepreneurs through the business formation process. Our Charlotte, NC based law firm offers full service packages for North Carolina based business owners to get started.

Starting a business and choosing a structure with the North Carolina Secretary of State is a big deal and should not be taken likely. Our small business focused attorneys can help you chose the right business structure and file articles of organization with the Secretary of State on your behalf. This will help insure that the business has the proper structure to maintain protection and compliance.

Our business formation packages are designed to give North Carolina business owners a running start:

  • Articles of Incorporation: Filing Articles of Incorporation sets the tone for protection against liability and tax structure for your business.

  • Tax ID (Employer Identification Number): Every business must have its own unique tax number that separates its identity from the  business owner(s) social security numbers. The tax ID number is also known as the employer identification number and is often required by banks for opening accounts or applying for loans.

  • Operation Agreement: Operation Agreements serve as the bylaws of businesses and describe the ownership structure and rules of running the business. The operation agreement is often required by financial institutions to open business banking accounts.

  • Corporate Resolutions: It is common practice for businesses to hold meetings to describe the status of the business and make important decisions about the direction of the business. These reports and decisions are often expressed as corporate resolutions that can be used as evidence that the decisions were made internally and not in the individual capacity of the business owner(s). This can be very important for potential future litigation for liability and debt issues.

  • Contract Drafting: Enforceable agreements are integral to the success of any business. Our business law attorneys can help business attorneys develop contracts and templates to use with suppliers, partners, and customers as necessary to keep the business running smoothly.

Seward Tran LLP offers our complete business package or in individual tasks as required by our clients. Our black owned law firm prides itself on being a great resource to other minority owned businesses to be successful. Our team of business attorneys our at your service and can be reached at 704-500-2045 or