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Search or Arrested by the Police? Here is What You Should Do

Every year, people are arrested for weapons or drug possession, whether trafficking, manufacturing or due to improper police searches. Many of these arrests are related to a small amount of drug found on a person, and they form a large percentage of the criminal charges in Charlotte, NC.

Getting arrested for drug-related cases, whether drug possession or trafficking, is a serious matter and can earn you hefty fines and long jail time. However, when arrested for drug possession or trafficking, here are some things you must do and some you must avoid.

6 Things to Always Remember if Arrested for Drug-Related Charges

Remain Calm

Honestly, remaining calm in such situations can become one of the hardest things to do. The pressure at that point can be overwhelming. However, you must maintain your cool as any opposing behavior or explosion may lead to extra charges like resisting arrest.

To achieve this, you can take a deep breath, make your hands available for the handcuffs and maintain your calm all the way to the station.

Say Nothing

Asides the basic questions like your name, age and other necessary information, you should keep your mouth zipped. Per the 5th amendment, you have the right to do this.

If asked any question about your case, you should simply tell them you won't say anything without your lawyer present. However, it's important to stay respectful at all time.

Call a Lawyer

When charged with a drug case, you will need a competent lawyer. So, we advise that you make your one phone call a worthy one. You should get the help of an attorney, a trusted friend or family member that can help you hire a lawyer.

Seward Tran LLP specializes in handling drug-related crimes in North Carolina for drug possession, drug trafficking, and drug distribution including drug trafficking and drug distribution charges in Charlotte, NC in the the whole of Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, Cabarrus, Rowan, Iredell and Mecklenburg, NC area. Call on us via 704-500-2045, and we'll be glad to help with your case at any time.

Don’t write anything down…Until Advised by your Lawyer

Remember the Miranda statement – "you have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law," well, it's applicable with writing too. Therefore, you should avoid signing any document given to you by the police or else advised by your legal counsel.

Don't Attempt to Talk Your Way Out

Trying to prove smart and talk your way around a drug case is not going to help you. You will only be getting things worse, especially if you involve any form of bribing in the process. You should also avoid bragging about yourself or position; it will go a long way.

Remember, we said you should say nothing.

Request for Bail

You obviously have a life outside the jail. So, you won’t want to be staying there throughout the duration of your case. Therefore, you and your lawyer should ask the court to set bail. Only the judge can grant or deny bail. If denied, there is really nothing you can do about it.


Getting arrested for a weapons or drug charge, whether drug trafficking or possession can destabilize your thoughts. However, maintaining your cool and following the process above will help keep your case within a manageable status.

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Charged with weapons and drug issues? Let us Help you!

Seward Tran LLP team of criminal defense attorneys are skilled and aggressive defending drug-related crimes such as drug trafficking, drug possession and drug distribution charges in the whole of Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC and surrounding counties in North Carolina.

An African American owned Law Firm, we boast a team of attorneys who come to work with the primary aim of serving our clients, protecting you in every way possible to ensure justice is served.

Per the NC drug laws, trafficking drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and other substances like oxycontin, oxycodone, or opioids may result in a harsh sentence; some even an active prison term.  

Once caught in possession of drugs in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC area, if the quantity meets the requirements as stated by the law, you may be charged for Drug Trafficking.  

So, whether you have a prior criminal record or charge, it is very important to consult the service of an attorney who is experienced in this department.

At Seward Tran LLP, our drug charge defense lawyers are glad to help.

North Carolina based drug defense specialist attorneys serving Charlotte and all of Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, Cabarrus, Rowan, and Iredell counties in North Carolina.

Our Drug Crime Defense Service Covers People Charged with:

  • Drug possession

  • Drug trafficking

  • Cultivation of Drugs

  • Distribution

  • Cocaine

  • Drug Delivery

  • Conspiracy

  • Drug Production

  • Heroin

  • Drug manufacturing

  • Crack

  • Marijuana

  • LSD

  • Crank

  • Angel Dust

The cases above can result in a series of sentencing, even forfeiting or confiscating of assets. You may lose assets like money, vehicles, house and more. Specialist Drug Criminal Defense Attorneys in Charlotte, Union, Gaston, Cabbarrus, Rowan, Iredell, Mecklenburg, and NC, we can help you avoid such hard rulings while ensuring that you are treated as a human deserving of respect.

Kindly Contact us at 704-500-2045 for more information on how we can be of service.

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Charged or Arrested for weapons or drug issues?

Blacked owned law firm based in Charlotte, NC providing top quality criminal defense lawyers for weapon related offenses and charges in Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, Rowan, Cabbarrus, and Iredell counties. Seward Tran criminal defense team specializes in handling weapon related arrests such as concealed carry, firm arm discharge, shooting incidents, illegal sales, and possession of stolen guns issues.

Our black owned law firm boasts some of the best female defense attorneys in the state of North Carolina and Seward Tran prides itself on transparency, honesty, and communication with our clients every step of the way.

North Carolina weapons laws can be very harsh on offenders in urban counties such as Union, Gaston, Rowan, Iredell, Cabbarrus, and Mecklenburg in North Carolina. Having specialized lawyers when arrested for weapons related charges as soon as possible in the process can me a great distance.

Per the North Carolina weapons laws, weapon issues like concealed carry, use of deadly weapon, discharge of firearms, sale of weapons, and unlawful possession of weapons can result in long prison terms.

Once caught on weapons charges in Charlotte or surrounding areas in North Carolina, if you already have been convicted of a felony, you may be charged with possession of a deadly weapon by a felon. Even without prior felony charges, an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney is recommended to get the best possible outcome.

Our criminal defense lawyers are here to service cases in Charlotte, NC and surrounding counties of Union, Gaston, Rowan, Iredell,  and Cabbarrus.

Our Weapon Charge Criminal Defense Service Covers the Following Charges:

Seward Tran criminal defense team specializes in handling weapon related arrests such as concealed carry, firm arm discharge, shooting incidents, illegal sales, and possession of stolen guns issues.

  • Gun permit violations

  • Concealed Carry Violations

  • Shooting incidents

  • Illegal sales of weapons

  • illegal possession of weapons

  • possession of stolen weapons

  • Convicted felons

  • Domestic violence and retraining issues

  • Weapons around schools

  • Weapons at events and protests

Defense for Prohibited Weapons

  • Dagger

  • slungshot

  • slingshot

  • metal knuckles

  • razors

  • stun guns

  • bowie knife

  • ballistic knives

  • automatic weapons

  • silencers

  • teflon-coated ammunition

  • sawed-off shotguns and rifles

  • machine guns

  • rockets, bombs, grenades

  • nuclear and chemical

  • missiles

  • dirk

  • leaded canes

Our weapons specific criminal defense attorneys service Mecklenberg county, North Carolina and surrounding counties such as Union, Iredell, Gaston, Cabbarrus, and Rowan in North Carolina.

We can be contacted at 704-500-2045.


If you live in North Carolina and have been convicted of a crime, had a charge against you dismissed or were arrested for any crime you might be eligible for an expungement. Having a criminal record will prevent you from the ability to get a job, housing, participate in school events and affect your day to day life. Certain crimes including certain drug crimes, weapons charges and underage drinking are eligible for an expungement.  

What is an expungement? An expungement allows a criminal offense to be removed from your record and will make it unlikely that appears on a background check. There are certain limitations on who can receive an expungement and when. If your case was dismissed, you are immediately eligible. If you were convicted of a felony you typically must wait ten years before you can request an expungement. For most misdemeanor cases you must wait two to five years before you are eligible. 

The expungement process can usually take up to a year. An expungement costs from $0 - $175 depending on what county you were charged. The cost will depend on the result of your case. The good news is that if your case was dismissed your were found not guilty you could potentially get an expungement for free. You must file the expungement in the county where you wee charged with the crime.

We are a Charlotte, NC criminal defense firm. Our attorneys specialize in drug trafficking, drug distribution, drug possession and weapons cases including Mecklenburg arrests for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and other prohibited substances. We are knowledgeable of drug laws in Mecklenburg county for both District and Superior Court. We can help you fight your case and later help determine whether your drug offense or any other offense is eligible for an expungement.


DUI Meck County - $4,000

Outside Meck +500

Marijuana Possession/Possession of Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor) - $1200

Felony Marijuana Possession - 5,000+

Heroin/Meth Possession - $5,000+

Prescription Pills/Ecstasy/Cocaine Possession- $ 4,000+

Heroin/Cocaine/Meth/Ecstasy Trafficking - $15,000+

Heroin/ Cocaine/Meth/Ecstasy Possession With Intent to Distribute/Selling- $15,000+

Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute - $5,500+

Marijuana Trafficking - $7,000+

Manufacturing Marijuana - $7,000+

Marijuana Sale - $7,000 

List of North Carolina Criminal Offenses

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Code Offense Type Offense Desc

1334 F Awdw Emergency Person

1344 F Awdw Intent To Kill

1346 F Awdw Serious Injury

1348 F Awdwikisi

1356 F Awdw Government Official

1359 F Aslt Firearm/Dw Comp/Camp Pol

1375 F Assault Natl Guard W/Firearm

1379 F Assault Detent Emp W/Firearm

1394 F Assault Leo/Po/Other W Firearm

1396 F Assault Emerg Prsnl Ibi/Wdw

1397 F Assault Emerg Prsnl Firearm

3302 F Attempt Poss Mdpv-Felony

3303 F Possess Mdpv-Felony

3304 F Sell Mdpv

3305 F Conspire To Sell Mdpv

3306 F Deliver Mdpv

3307 F Conspire To Deliver Mdpv

3308 F Manufacture Mdpv

3309 F Pwisd Mdpv

3310 F Pwimsd Mdpv

3311 F Trafficking Mdpv

3312 F Conspire Traffic In Mdpv

3313 F Possess Mephedrone

3314 F Attempt Possess Mephedrone

3315 F Sell Mephedrone

3316 F Conspire To Sell Mephedrone

3317 F Deliver Mephedrone

3318 F Conspire Deliver Mephedrone

3319 F Manufacture Mephedrone

3320 F Pwisd Mephedrone

3321 F Pwimsd Mephedrone

3322 F Trafficking Mephedrone

3323 F Consp Traffic In Mephedrone

3324 F Fel Poss Synthetic Cannabinoid

3327 F Att Poss Synth Cannabinoid-F

3330 F Sell Synth Cannabinoid

3331 F Consp Sell Synth Cannabinoid

3332 F Deliver Synth Cannabinoid

3333 F Consp Del Synth Cannabinoid

3334 F Manuf Synth Cannabinoid

3335 F Pwisd Synth Cannabinoid

3336 F Pwimsd Synth Cannabinoid

3337 F Traffic Synth Cannabinoid

3338 F Consp Traf Synth Cannabinoid

3339 F Sell/Deliver Mdpv

3340 F Conspire To Sell/Deliver Mdpv

3341 F Sell/Deliver Mephedrone

3342 F Consp Sell/Deliver Mephedrone

3343 F Sell/Del Synth Cannabinoid

3344 F Consp Sell/Del Synth Cannabin

3345 F Obt CS Prescrip Misrep/Withhld





3350 F Trafficking Subst Cathinones

3351 F Consp Traff Subst Cathinones

3352 F Embezzle/Divert Cs Reg/Emp

3353 F Dilute/Substitute Cs Reg/Emp

3354 F Embezz/Divert Cs Non-Reg/Emp

3355 F Dilute/Subst Cs Non-Reg/Emp

3402 F Sell/Deliver Sch I CS

3403 F Sell/Deliver Sch II CS

3404 F Sell/Deliver Sch III CS

3405 F Poss CS W/In 300 Ft Of School

3406 F Sell/Deliver Sch IV CS

3407 F Sell/Deliver Sch V CS

3408 F Sell/Deliver Sch VI CS

3409 F Poss CS Prison/Jail Premises

3410 F S/D CS W/In 300 Ft Of School

3411 F Trafficking In Amphetamine

3412 F Traffick In Amphetamine/Meth

3413 F Trafficking In Lsd

3414 F Conspire Traffic Amphetamine

3415 F Conspire Traffic Methamphetami

3416 F Conspire Traffic Lsd

3417 F Pwimsd Mda/Mdma

3418 F Trafficking In Mda/Mdma

3419 F Conspire Traffic Mda/Mdma

3420 F Seizure/Forfeiture Of Vehicle

3421 F Sell/Deliver Marijuana

3422 F Consp Sell/Deliver Marijuana

3423 F CS Hire/Use Minor>13 Def 18<21

3424 F CS Hire/Use Minor<=13 Def18<21

3425 F CS Hire/Use Minor >13 Def >=21

3426 F CS Hire/Use Minor<=13 Def>=21

3427 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch I CS

3428 F Promote Drug Sales By A Minor

3429 F Particip In Drug Viol By Minor

3430 F Embezzle CS By Employee Of Reg

3431 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch II CS

3432 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch III CS

3433 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch IV CS

3434 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch V CS

3435 F Sell/Deliver Cocaine

3436 F Conspire Sell/Deliver Cocaine

3437 F Sell/Deliver Heroin

3438 F Conspire Sell/Deliver Heroin

3439 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch VI CS

3440 F Sell Marijuana

3441 F Sell Cocaine

3442 F Sell Heroin

3443 F Sell Lsd

3444 F Sell Sch I CS

3445 F Sell Sch II CS

3446 F Sell Sch III CS

3447 F Sell Sch IV CS

3448 F Sell Sch V CS

3449 F Sell Sch VI CS

3450 F Sell/Deliver Lsd

3451 F Conspire Sell/Deliver Lsd

3452 F Attempted Possession Cocaine

3453 F Manufacture Methamphetamine

3454 F Poss/Distribute Meth Precursor

3455 F Deliver Marijuana

3456 F Deliver Cocaine

3457 F Deliver Heroin

3458 F Deliver LSD

3459 F Deliver Sch I CS

3460 F Deliver Sch II CS

3461 F Deliver Sch III CS

3462 F Deliver Sch IV CS

3463 F Deliver Sch V CS

3464 F Deliver Sch VI CS

3465 F Possess Methamphetamine

3466 F Sell Methamphetamine

3467 F Deliver Methamphetamine

3468 F Conspire Sell Methamphetamine

3469 F Conspire Deliver Meth

3471 F Pwimsd Methamphetamine

3474 F Exceed Pseudo Limits 3+ Off

3475 F Sell Or Deliv CS Minor >13-<16

3476 F Sell Or Deliv CS Minor <=13

3477 F M/S/D/P CS On/Near Playground

3478 F M/S/D/P CS At Child Care Ctr

3479 F Poss/Dist Precursor Chemical

3480 F Conspire Sell Marij

3481 F Conspire Sell Cocaine

3482 F Conspire Sell Heroin

3483 F Conspire Sell Lsd

3484 F Conspire Sell Sch I CS

3485 F Conspire Sell Sch VI CS

3486 F Contaminate Food/Drink W/CS

3487 F M/S/D/P CS W/N 1000Ft School

3488 F M/S/D/P CS At Child Care Ctr

3489 F M/S/D/P CS W/N 1000Ft Of Park

3490 F Conspire Deliver Marij

3491 F Conspire Deliver Cocaine

3492 F Conspire Deliver Heroin

3493 F Conspire Deliver Lsd

3494 F Conspire Deliver Sch I CS

3495 F Conspire Deliver Sch VI CS

3496 F Traffick In Methamphetamine

3497 F Traffick In Amphetamine

3498 F Poss Pseudo/Prior Meth Conv

3501 F Manufacture Sch I CS

3502 F Manufacture Sch II CS

3503 F Manufacture Sch III CS

3504 F Manufacture Sch IV CS

3505 F Manufacture Sch V CS

3506 F Manufacture Sch VI CS

3507 F Create Counterfeit CS

3508 F Sell Or Deliver Sch I CS

3509 F Sell Or Deliver Sch II CS

3510 F Sell Or Deliver Sch III CS

3511 F Sell Or Deliver Sch IV CS

3512 F Sell Or Deliver Sch V CS

3513 F Sell Or Deliver Sch VI CS

3514 F Sell Or Deliver Counterfeit CS

3515 F Pwimsd Sch I CS

3516 F Pwimsd Sch II CS

3517 F Pwimsd Sch III CS

3518 F Pwimsd Sch IV CS

3519 F Pwimsd Sch V CS

3520 F Pwimsd Sch VI CS

3521 F Pwisd Counterfeit CS

3522 F Felony Possession Sch I CS

3523 F Felony Possession Sch II CS

3524 F Felony Possession Sch III CS

3525 F Felony Possession Sch IV CS

3526 F Felony Possession Sch V CS

3527 F Felony Possession Sch Vi CS

3528 F Trafficking In Marijuana

3529 F Trafficking In Methaqualone

3530 F Trafficking In Cocaine

3531 F Trafficking, Opium Or Heroin

3532 F Conspire To Traffic In Marij

3533 F Conspire Traffic Methaqualone

3534 F Conspire To Traffic In Cocaine

3535 F Conspire Traffic Opium/Heroin

3541 F Manufacture Marijuana

3542 F Sell Or Deliver Marijuana

3543 F Sell Marijuana

3544 F Pwisd Marijuana

3545 F Pwimsd Marijuana

3546 F P/W/I/M Marijuana

3547 F P/W/I/S Marijuana

3548 F P/W/I/D Marijuana

3549 F Felony Possession Marijuana

3551 F Conspire Sell Or Deliver Marij

3552 F Manufacture Cocaine

3553 F Sell Or Deliver Cocaine

3554 F Sell Cocaine

3555 F Pwisd Cocaine

3556 F Pwimsd Cocaine

3557 F P/W/I/M Cocaine

3558 F P/W/I/S Cocaine

3559 F P/W/I/D Cocaine

3560 F Felony Possession Of Cocaine

3562 F Consp Sell Or Deliver Cocaine

3563 F Sell Or Deliver Heroin

3564 F Sell Heroin

3565 F Pwimsd Heroin

3566 F P/W/I/S Heroin

3567 F P/W/I/D Heroin

3568 F Possess Heroin

3569 F Consp Sell Or Deliver Heroin

3570 F Sell/Deliv Hashish

3571 F Sell Hashish

3572 F P/W/I/S/D Hashish

3573 F P/W/I/S Hashish

3574 F P/W/I/D Hashish

3575 F Possess Hashish

3577 F Consp Sell Or Deliv Sch Vi CS

3578 F Sell Or Deliver Lsd

3579 F Possession Of Lsd

3580 F Conspire Sell Or Deliver Lsd

3581 F Poss Methaqualone/Quaalude

3583 F P/W/S/D Methaqualone/Quaalude

3584 F Consp Sell Or Deliver Sch I CS

3589 F S/D Of CS

3591 F Mfg/Create CS

3593 F CS - P/W/I/S/M Etc

3594 F Sell Or Deliv CS To Child < 16

3595 F Sim Pos-CS-Sch II, III, IV

3596 F Sim Pos-CS-Sch VI

3597 F Providing Drugs To Inmate

3598 F Growing Marijuana

5206 F Sell/Give Handgun To Minor

5207 F Damage Occupied Prop Explosive

5208 F Malicious Use Of Explosive

5209 F Use Explosive Device Church

5210 F Purch Firearm Viol Dom Order

5211 F Alter/Remove Gun Serial Number

5212 F Pos/Sell/Buy Alt Gun Serial No

5215 F Malicious Use Explosv Injury

5216 F Malicious Use Explosv Damg Prp

5217 F Discharge Firearm Encl Fear

5218 F Dis Weap Occ Dwell/Moving Veh

5219 F Dis Weap Occ Prop Ser Bod Inj

5220 F Discharge Weapon Occupied Prop

5223 F Possession Of Machine Gun (F)

5224 F Possession Of Firearm By Felon

5227 F Possess Weapon By Prisoner (F)

5229 F Shooting/Throwing At Train (F)


5232 F Possess Weapon Mass Destruct

5233 F Discharge Firearm On Educ Prop

5234 F Weapons On Educ Prop/Aid (F)

5236 F Gun Etc On Educ Prop

5237 F Gun Etc On Educ Prop Aid Minor

5238 F Explosive On Educ Prop

5239 F Explosve On Educ Prop Aid Minr

5242 F Carrying Concealed Gun(F)

5247 F M/P/S Nuc/Bio/Chem Weapon

5248 F Unlawful Use Nuc/Bio/Chem Weap

5249 F False Report Nuc/Bio/Chem Weap

5250 F Perp Hoax Nuc/Bio/Chem Weapon

5256 F Armed Habitual Felon

0910 F Murder Of An Unborn Child

0915 F Vol Manslaughter Unborn Child

0916 F Inv Manslaughter Unborn Child

0920 F Voluntary Manslaughter

0922 F Involuntary Manslaughter

0930 F Murder

0935 F First Degree Murder

0940 F Second Degree Murder

0941 F Attempted Second Degree Murder

0942 F Second Deg Murder W/O Regard

0943 F Second Deg Murder Dist Drug

0944 F Second Degree Murder

0945 F Solicitation To Commit Murder

0950 F Attempted Murder

0951 F Attempted First Degree Murder

0955 F Solicitation To Commit Murder

0956 F Conceal/Fail Report A Death

0957 M A&A Conceal/Fail Report Death

0958 F Disturb Human Remains

0960 F Destroy Remains Conceal Death

0961 F Dest Remains Conc Unnat Death

0962 F Concl/Fail Report Death Child

0999 Homicide Violation

1020 F Kidnapping

1022 F Abduction Of Married Woman

1023 F Abduction Of Children

1024 F Conspiring To Abduct Children

1026 F First Degree Kidnapping

1028 F Second Degree Kidnapping

1030 F Felonious Restraint

1031 F Taking Hostage By Prisoner

1032 F Attempted Kidnapping

1040 M False Imprisonment

1099 Kidnapping Violation

1103 F First Degree Rape

1104 F First Degree Forcible Rape

1105 F Second Degree Forcible Rape

1106 F Second Degree Force Sex Off

1107 F Statutory Rape Of Child <= 15

1109 F Statutory Rape Of Child <= 15

1110 F First Degree Statutory Rape

1111 F First Degree Statutory Sex Off

1112 F Stat Sex Off With Child <= 15

1113 F Stat Sex Off With Child <= 15

1115 F Indecent Liberties Student

1116 F First Degree Sex Offense Child

1117 F Indecent Liberties Student (F)

1118 F Indecent Liberties With Child

1119 M Indecent Liberties Student (M)

1120 F First Degree Rape Child

1121 F Sex Act With A Student

1122 F Second Degree Rape

1123 F Attempt Sex Act With A Student

1124 F Second Degree Sexual Offense

1125 F Attempt 1st Degree Rape

1126 F Attempt 1st Degree Sex Offense

1127 F Atmpt 1St Degree Forcible Rape

1128 F Attempt Second Degree Rape

1129 F Atmpt 1St Degree Force Sex Off

1130 F Attempt 2nd Degree Sex Offense

1131 F First Degree Force Sex Offense

1132 F First Degree Sexual Offense

1133 F Sex Act: Sub Parent/Custodian

1134 F Sex Offense - Parental Role

1135 F Sex Act-Gov/Priv Inst Employee

1136 F Sex Offense Institution

1137 F Stat Rape/Sex Offn Def >=6Yr

1138 F Statutory Sexual Offense

1139 F Stat Rape/Sex Offn Def>4-<6Yr

1140 F Att Sex Offense-Parental Role

1141 F Sex Offense Student (F)

1142 F Attempt 1st Degree Rape

1143 F Attempt Sex Offense Studnt (F)

1144 F Attempt 1st Degree Sex Offense

1145 M Sex Offense Student (M)

1146 F Attempt Second Degree Rape

1147 F Att Sex Act-Sub Par/Custodian

1148 F Attempt 2nd Degree Sex Offense

1149 M Sexual Battery

1150 F Human Trafficking Adult Victim

1151 F Human Trafficking Child Victim

1152 F Invol Servitude Adult Victim

1153 F Invol Servitude Child Victim

1154 F Sexual Servitude Adult Victim

1155 F Sexual Servitude Child Victim

1156 F Sexual Activity With A Student

1157 F Atmpt 2Nd Degree Forcible Rape

1158 F Atmpt 2Nd Degree Force Sex Off

1159 M Sexual Battery

1160 M Fail Register Sex Offender(M)

1161 F Fail Register Sex Offender(F)

1162 F Sex Offender Residence Viol

1163 F Sex Offender Employment Viol

1164 F Childcare In Sex Offender Home

1165 F Fail Rept Sex Offen Non-Comply

1166 F Fail Enroll Sex Offen Sbm Prog

1167 F Remove/Tamper Sex Offen Sbm

1168 F Fail Reprt New Address-Sex Off

1169 M Fail Provide Info/Comply Sbm

1170 F Interfere Elect Monitor Dev(F)

1171 M Interfere Elect Monitor Dev(M)

1172 F Solicit Elect Monitor Dev(F)

1173 M Solicit Elect Monitor Dev(M)

1199 Sexual Assault Violation

1202 F Att Robbery-Dangerous Weapon

1220 F Common Law Robbery

1221 F Consp Robbery Dangrs Weapon

1222 F Robbery With Dangerous Weapon

1224 F Safecracking

1226 F Attempted Common Law Robbery

1228 F Consp Armed Robbery Bus/Pers

1299 Robbery Violation

1301 M Assault Handicapped Person

1302 F Awdwikisi Handicapped Person

1303 F Awdwisi On Handicapped Person

1304 F Awdwik On Handicapped Person

1305 F Felony Assault On Handicapped

1306 F Patient Abuse And Neglect(F)

1307 M Patient Abuse And Neglect (M)

1308 F Malicious Conduct By Prisoner

1309 I Criminal Use Of Laser Device

1310 M Assault Indiv W/Disability

1311 F Fel Assault Indiv W/Disab

1312 F Mal Conduct By Prisoner/Throw

1313 F Mal Conduct By Pris/Expose

1315 F Assault Isbi Unborn Child

1316 M Battery Of Unborn Child

1318 M Assault School Empl/Volunt

1320 M Assault Attempt Serious Injury

1321 M Assault - Serious Injury

1322 M Assault By Pointing A Gun

1323 F Assault By Strangulation

1324 F Malicious Assault In Secret

1325 F Assault Serious Bodily Injury

1326 M Assault Inflict Serious Injury

1327 M Assault - Deadly Weapon

1328 M Assault On A Child Under 12

1329 M Assault Public Transit Operatr

1330 M Assault On A Female

1331 M Assault Co/Campus Police Ofcr

1332 M Assault On Emergency Personnel

1333 M Assault On Dss Worker

1335 F Assault On Emergency Personnel

1336 M Assault And Battery

1337 F Assault Phy Inj Emergency Prsn

1338 M Assault On Law Officer

1339 F Assault Phy Inj Le/Prob/Par Of

1340 M Assault With A Deadly Weapon

1341 F Assault Phy Inj Detention Emp

1342 F Awdw On Officer

1343 F Assault Phys Inj Natl Guard

1349 M Aslt Att Ser Inj Minor Present

1350 M Aslt Inf Ser Inj Minor Present

1351 M Awdw Minor Present

1352 M Assault On Court Officer

1353 M Assault On School Teacher

1354 M Assault/Affray

1355 M Assault On A Govt Official

1357 M Simple Affray

1358 M Assault - Sports Official

1360 F Malicious Castration

1361 F Assault Leo/Po Ser Inj

1362 F Castration Without Malice

1363 F Assault Natl Guard Ser Inj

1364 F Maiming Without Malice

1365 F Assault Detent Emp Ser Inj

1366 F Malicious Maiming

1368 M Simple Assault

1370 F Throwing Acid Or Alkali

1371 M Negligent Hunting

1372 F Adulterated Or Misbranded Food

1373 F Assault Leo/Po W/Firearm

1374 F Adltrt Or Misbrand To Extort

1376 M Abuse/Exploit Ch122C Patient

1377 F Exploit Disable/Elder Trust

1378 F Exploit Disable/Elder Capacity

1380 F Abuse Disable/Elder Ser Inj

1381 F Abuse Disable/Elder With Inj

1382 F Neglect Disable/Elder Ser Inj

1383 F Neglect Disable/Elder With Inj

1384 F Exploit Disable/Elder(F)

1385 M Exploit Disable/Elder(M)

1386 M Assault Attempt Serious Inj(M)

1387 M Assault Inflict Serious Inj(M)

1388 M Assault With A Deadly Weapon

1389 M Assault On A Female

1390 M Assault On A Child Under 12

1391 M Assault Govt Official/Emply

1392 M Assault School Bus Personnel

1393 F Habitual Misdemeanor Assault

1395 M Assault Emergency Prsnl(M)

1398 F Assault Leo/Po/Other Ser Injry

1399 Assault Violation

2020 F Arson

2021 F Burning Of A School House

2022 F Burning Bldg Under Construct

2023 F Burning Certain Buildings

2024 F Attempt To Burn Bldg Or Boat

2025 F Burn Occupied Building

2026 F Fraudulently Burning Dwelling

2027 F First Degree Arson

2028 F Second Degree Arson

2029 F Burn Certain Public Buildings

2030 F Burning Personal Property

2032 F Burn Church/Religious Bldg

2099 Arson Violation

2110 F Extortion

2112 M Blackmailing

2116 F Unlawful Obtaining Credit Card

2151 F Discharge Firearm Enclosure

2152 F Pattern Gang Activity

2153 F Pattern Gang Activity-Leader

2154 F Gang Activity/Acquire Property

2155 F Solicit Gang Activity

2156 F Solicit Gang Activity-Minor

2157 F Threat Deter Gang Withdrawal

2158 F Threat Punish Gang Withdrawal

2160 T Obtain Dr Lic By Fraud

2161 T Obtain Comm Dr Lic By Fraud





2199 Extort/Gang Violation

2205 F Break/Enter Terrorize/Injure

2206 F Possession Of Burglary Tools

2208 F Att Break Or Enter Bldg (F)

2209 M Att Break Or Enter Bldg (M)

2210 F Breaking/Entering And Larceny

2211 F Breaking/Entering And Larceny

2212 F Breaking And Or Entering (F)

2213 F Consp B&E Bldg-Felony/Larceny

2214 M Breaking Or Entering (M)

2215 F Attempt To Break Or Enter (F)

2216 F Break Or Enter A Motor Vehicle

2217 F Break Coin/Currency Mach (F)

2218 M Break Coin/Currency Mach (M)

2219 M Damage Coin/Currency Machine

2220 F Break/Enter Railroad Car

2221 M Attempt Break/Enter Motor Veh

2222 F Break/Enter Trailer/Aircraft

2223 F Break/Enter Boat

2224 F Burglary With Explosives

2225 F Break/Enter Place Of Worship

2226 F First Degree Burglary

2228 F Second Degree Burglary

2230 M Wrongfully Break/Enter A Bldg

2231 M Reconnect Utility - M

2232 M Attempt To Break And Enter (M)

2234 F Reconnect Utility 2Nd/Sub Off

2235 F Reconnect Utility Cause Death

2236 F Reconnect Utility Sig Prop Dam

2240 F Attempt First Degree Burglary

2299 Burglary Violation

2301 F Felony Conversion

2302 M Misdemeanor Conversion






2316 F Habitual Larceny

2317 F Lar Remove/Dest/Dea Ct Compo

2318 M Aid & Abet Larceny (M)

2319 F Aid & Abet Larceny (F)

2320 F Fel Larceny - >$400

2321 F Felony Larceny

2322 M Misdemeanor Larceny

2323 F Aid And Abet Armed Robbery

2324 F Larceny By Trick

2325 F Larceny Of A Firearm

2326 M Larceny By Trick

2327 F Attempted Larceny (F)

2328 M Larceny - Remarking Goods

2329 F Organized Retail Theft

2330 M Larceny By Changing Price Tag

2331 F Larceny Of Chose In Action

2332 M Larceny - Tag Transfer

2333 F Larceny By Anti-Invntry Device

2334 F Larceny By Employee

2335 F Larceny By Empl >=$100,000

2336 F Larceny From The Person

2337 F Possess Stolen Firearm

2338 F Possess Stolen Motor Vehicle

2339 M Receive Stolen Goods/Prop (M)

2340 F Receive Stolen Goods/Prop (F)

2341 F Poss Stolen Goods/Prop (F)

2342 M Shoplifting Concealment Goods

2343 M Poss Stolen Goods/Prop (M)

2344 M Larceny Of Horse, Swine, Etc.

2345 F Larceny Of Horse/Swine/Cattle

2346 M Larceny Of Public Record

2347 F Poss/Rcv Stolen Prop Cert Fel

2348 F Larceny Of Secret Process

2349 F Larceny Motor Vehicle Parts

2350 M Larceny Of Will

2351 M Take Horse/Mule/Dog Temp Purp

2352 M Larceny Of Dog

2353 M Attempted Larceny (M)

2354 M Theft Of Cable Tv Service

2356 F Larceny After Break/Enter

2358 M Unauth Take/Sale Dairy Case

2360 F Larceny Of Dog

2361 F Larceny From Construction Site

2362 F Pos/Rec Stolen Prop Const Site

2363 F Larceny Of Pine Straw

2364 F Larceny Defeat Anti-Theft Dev

2365 F Conspire Commit Fel Larceny

2385 F Alter/Dest/Etc Stolen Mv/Part

2386 F Permit Place Used Chop Shop

2387 F Pur/Sell/Etc Mv/Part Alt Id

2388 F Purch/Disp/Etc Mv/Part Chop Sh

2390 M Unauthorized Use Of Motor Veh

2391 F Larceny Of Motor Vehicle (F)

2392 M Larceny Of Motor Vehicle (M)

2393 M Larceny Of Motor Fuel

2394 I Semitrailer Ownr Viol <50 Ft

2395 I Semitrailer Ownr Viol >=50 Ft

2396 T Semitrailer Drivr Viol <50 Ft

2397 T Semitrailer Drivr Viol >=50 Ft

2399 Larceny Violation

2404 M Unauthorized Use Of Motor Veh

2406 F Larceny Of Motor Vehicle

2408 M Larceny Of Motor Vehicle

2499 Stolen Vehicle Violation

2503 F Counterfeiting Coin

2505 F Uttering Counterfeit Coin

2508 M Possess Counterfeiting Tools

2509 F Poss 5+ Counterfeit Instrument

2510 M Common Law Forgery (M)

2511 F Common Law Forgery (F)

2512 F Common Law Uttering (F)

2513 M Common Law Uttering (M)

2514 F Aid & Abet Forgery

2520 F Forgery Of Instrument

2522 F Forgery And Uttering

2524 F Uttering Forged Instrument

2525 M Attempted Uttering

2526 F Attempted Uttering

2527 F Uttering Forged Endorsement

2528 F Forgery Of Endorsement

2529 F Attempted Uttering

2540 F Forgery Of Deeds Or Wills

2542 F Forgery

2599 Forgery Violation

2601 F Buy/Sell/Distrib Food Stamps

2602 M Illeg Poss/Use Food Stamps(M)

2603 F Insurance Fraud

2604 F Illeg Poss/Use Food Stamps(F)

2605 M Financial Card Fraud (M)

2606 M Worthless Check

2607 M Esc Law Fraud Viol

2608 M Giving False Info To Esc

2609 M No Report To Esc

2610 M Worthless Check No Account

2611 M Obtain Property Worthless Chk

2612 F Financial Card Theft

2613 M Food Stamp Fraud (M)

2614 F Financial Card Forgery

2615 F Food Stamp Fraud (F)

2616 F Financial Card Fraud (F)

2617 M Public Assistance Fraud (M)

2618 M Defrauding Innkeeper

2619 F Public Assistance Fraud (F)

2620 M Hiring With Intent To Defraud

2621 F Medical Provider Fraud

2622 M Interfere With Utility Meter

2623 M Unlawful Telephone Tap

2624 M Diverting Utility Use

2625 M False Telephone Credit

2626 M Fail To Work After Paid

2627 M Credit Vio W/O Auth Of Issuee

2628 M False Hotel Registration

2629 F Credit Vio W/O Auth Of Issuee

2630 M Credit Viol After Credit Rev

2631 F Att Obtain Prop False Pretense

2632 F Obtain Property False Pretense

2633 F Obt Prop False Pret >=$100,000

2634 T Fraudulent License Permit

2635 F Identity Theft

2636 M Fraud Disposal Mortgage Prop

2637 F Trafficking Stolen Identities

2638 F Unlawful Obtaining Credit Card

2639 M Unlawfully Obtain Credit Card

2640 F Alter/Steal/Dest Criminal Evid

2641 F Alter Court Documents

2642 F Card Theft W/Scanning Device

2643 M Accessing Computers (M)

2644 M False Advertising

2645 F Damaging Computers(F)

2646 M Fail To Return Rental Property

2647 M Damaging Computers(M)

2648 F Fraudulent Insurance Claim

2649 M Fail Retn Prop Rentd Pur Opt

2650 M Obtain Property Worthless Chk

2651 F Accessing Computers (F)

2652 M Computer Trespass (M)

2653 F Computer Trespass (F)

2654 M Secreting Lien Property

2655 M Worthless Check Closed Account

2656 M Worthless Chk 4Th Sub Offense

2657 M Obtain CS By Fraud/Forgery (M)

2658 F Obtain CS By Fraud/Forgery (F)

2659 M Obt/Att Obt Alc Others Id

2660 M Obt/Att Obt Alc False Id

2661 M Obt/Att Obt Alc Other Dl

2662 M Obt/Att Obt Alc False Dl

2663 M Misrep To Obtain Esc Benefit-M

2664 M Misrep To Prevent Esc Benefit

2665 M Empl Sec Law Violation

2666 M Simple Worthless Check

2667 M Fail/Refuse File Esc Tax Rprt

2668 F Misrep To Obtain Esc Benefit-F

2670 F Felony Worthless Check

2671 M Obt/Att Obt Alc Other Form Id

2672 F False Foreign Vendor Certifica

2673 F False Vendor Certification

2674 M Childcare Subsidy Fraud=<$1000

2675 F Childcare Subsidy Fraud>$1000

2676 F Fail Return Hired Mv >$4000

2677 M Med Assist Receipient Fraud-M

2678 F Med Assist Receipient Fraud-F

2680 F Check Cashing Without License

2681 F Securities Fraud/Violation

2682 M Poss/Manufacture Fraudulent Id

2683 M Obtain Id Using False Info

2684 M Allow Use Of Id/Lic To Buy Alc

2685 F Bail Bndsmn Fail Ret Sec>$1500

2686 F A&A Obtain Prop False Pretense

2687 F Consp Obtain Prop False Pret

2688 M Att Obtain CS Forgery/Fraud(M)

2689 F Att Obtain CS Forgery/Fraud(F)

2690 F Defraud/Obt Mny/Prop Med Ast

2691 F Consp Def/Obt Mny/Prop Med Ast



2694 F Mortgage Svc W/O License

2695 F Access Govt Computers Defaud

2696 F Counterfeit Trademark Fel

2699 Fraud Violation

2704 F Embezzlement Of State Property

2705 F Embez State Prop >=$100,000

2710 F Embezzlement By Fiduciary

2714 F Embezzlement Railroad Officer

2715 F Embezzlement Rr Off >=$100,000

2718 F Embezzlement

2719 F Embezzlement >=$100,000

2720 F Embezzlement - Insurance Agent

2722 F Embezzlement-Pub Off/Trustees

2723 F Embez Pub Off/Trst >=$100,000

2799 Embezzle Violation

2901 F Inj Prop Obt Nonferr Metal-F

2902 F Inj Prop Nonferr Metal>=10000

2903 F Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-Sb Inj

2904 F Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-Killed

2905 M Inj Prop Obt Nonferr Metal-M

2906 M Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-S Inj

2907 M Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-Infrast

2908 M Negligent And Careless Burning

2910 F Burning Personal Property

2911 I Burn Without Watchman

2912 M Injury To Personal Property

2914 T Tampering With Vehicle Parts

2915 M Disorderly Conduct Public Bldg

2916 M Defacing Public Building

2917 M Injure Building/Fence/Wall(M)

2918 F Injure Building/Fence/Wall(F)

2919 M Burn Without Watchman

2920 M Injury To Real Property

2922 T Tampering With Vehicle Steal

2924 T Tampering With Vehicle

2926 M Damage To Personal Property

2928 M Alter/Remove Nmv Serial Number

2930 M Poss/Sell/Buy Alt Nmv Ser No

2940 M Fail To Extinguish Fire

2941 M Fail To Extinguish Fire

2942 M Set Fire To Woods/Lands/Fields

2943 F Willful Injury Railroad Prop

2944 F Injuring Utility Wires/Fixture

2945 M Injury To Trees/Crops/Lands

2999 Damage Property Violation

3300 M Simple Poss Mdpv-Misd

3301 M Attempt Poss Mdpv-Misd

3325 M Synth Cannabinoid Poss<=7G

3326 M Synth Cannabinoid Poss>7-21G

3328 M Att Poss Synth Cannabin<=7G

3329 M Att Poss Synth Cannabin>7-21G

3400 M Possess Marij Paraphernalia

3401 M Possess Drug Paraphernalia

3470 M Poss Marij >1/2 To 1 1/2 Oz

3472 M Exceed Pseudo Limits

3473 M Exceed Pseudo Limits 2 Off

3500 M Poss Drug Paraphernalia

3536 M Simple Possess Sch II CS (M)

3537 M Simple Possess Sch III CS (M)

3538 M Simple Possess Sch IV CS (M)

3539 M Simple Possess Sch V CS (M)

3540 M Simple Possess Sch VI CS (M)

3550 M Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz

3561 M Simple Poss Cocaine

3576 M Simple Pos Hashish

3582 M Poss Methaqualone/Quaalude

3585 M Sim Pos-CS-Sch II, III, IV

3586 M Inhale Toxic Vapors

3587 M Sell Toxic Vapors Substance

3588 M Poss Toxic Vapors Substance

3590 M Sim Pos - CS - Sch IV

3592 M CS - Sch VI

3599 Dangerous Drugs Violation




3604 M Misdemeanor Incest

3605 M Indecent Exposure

3606 F Indec Exposure Def>=18 Vic<16

3607 F Felony Incest

3608 M Misd Disseminate Obscenity

3609 F Felony Disseminate Obscenity

3610 F First Deg Sex Exploit Minor

3611 F Second Deg Sex Exploit Minor

3612 F Third Deg Sex Exploit Minor

3615 M Display Material Harmful Minor

3616 M Dissem Mtrl/Perform Harmfl Min

3619 F Com/Att Sex Penet Human Remain

3620 F Crime Against Nature

3622 M Use Of Premises Indec Exposure

3624 M Fornication And Adultery

3625 F Solicit Child By Computer

3626 M Occupy Room Immoral Purposes

3628 F Att Crime Against Nature (F)

3630 M Att Crime Against Nature (M)

3631 F Incest Child < 13 Def >= 4

3632 F Incest Child 13/14/15 Def >= 6

3633 F Incest Child 13/14/15 Def> 4<6

3634 F Incest

3635 F Rape Of A Child

3636 F Sexual Offense With A Child

3637 F Sex Offender/Child Premises

3638 F Solicit By Computer/ Appear

3639 F Sex Offr Use Social Website

3640 F Stat Rape Of Child By Adult

3641 F Stat Sex Off W/Child By Adult

3699 Sex Offense Violation

3705 M Dissemination Of Obscenity

3706 F Dissemination Of Obscenity

3799 Obscenity Violation

3802 F Felony Child Abuse

3804 F Bigamy

3805 M Contributing Del Of Juvenile

3806 M Tobacco Vending Mach Sale Viol

3807 M Purchase/Recv Cig/Tobacco < 18

3808 M Sell/Dis Tobacco Prod To Minor

3809 I No Sign For Tobacco Sales < 18

3810 M IV-D Bastardy

3812 M Non IV-D Bastardy

3818 M Abandon/Non-Support Of Child

3820 M Inadeq Support Of Family(R/83)

3822 M School Attendance Law Viol

3824 M Illegitimate Child/Non-Support

3826 M Abandon Dependent Spouse

3827 M Non IV-D Nonsupport Spouse

3828 M Non-Support Dep Spouse/Child

3829 M Non-Support Of Child

3830 F Concealing Birth Of A Child

3832 M Exposing Children To Fire

3833 M Exhibition Of Certain Children

3834 M Misdemeanor Child Abuse

3835 F Int Child Abuse-Ser Phys Inj

3836 F Felony Child Abuse-Prostitutn

3837 F Felony Child Abuse -Sexual Act

3838 F Int Child Abuse-Ser Bod Inj

3840 F Felony Custody Order Violation

3841 F Neg Child Abuse-Ser Bod Inj

3842 F Neg Child Abuse-Ser Phys Inj

3843 F Fail Report Child Disappear-F

3844 M Fail Report Child Disappear-M

3854 M Nonsupport Spouse

3855 M Nonsupport Child

3856 F Abandon Child For 6 Months

3857 M Nonsupport Illegit Child

3858 F Non IV-D Abandon For 6 Months

3859 F IV-D Abandonment For 6 Months

3860 M IV-D Abandon/Non-Supp Of Child

3861 M IV-D Nonsupport Illegit Child

3862 M IV-D Non-Supp Dep Spouse/Child

3863 M IV-D Nonsupport Child

3864 M IV-D Nonsupport Spouse

3865 M Non-IV-D Aband/Non-Supp Child

3866 M Non IV-D Nonsupp Illegit Child

3867 M Non-IV-D Non Supp Spouse/Child

3868 M Non IV-D Nonsupport Of Child

3870 F Improper Entry Of Dv Shelter

3871 F Dvpo Viol Deadly Weapon

3872 M Dv Protective Order Viol (M)

3873 F Dv Protective Order Viol (F)

3874 F Child Care Adm Med/Ser Inj

3875 M Child Care Adm Med/No Ser Inj

3876 F Provide Child Care W/O License

3877 M Babysit By/Home Sex Ofndr

3878 F Babysit By/Home Sex Ofndr 2+

3880 M Fail/Prevent Juv Abuse Report

3881 M Fail Notify Sbi Juv Sex Abuse

3899 Family Violation

3901 M Selling Lottery Tickets

3902 M Sell/Buy Lottery Tix<18

3903 M Operate/Possess Slot Machine

3904 M Oper/Possess Gambling Devices

3905 M Manufacture/Sell Slot Mach (M)

3906 M Slot Machine Agreement (M)

3907 F Manufacture/Sell Slot Mach (F)

3908 F Slot Machine Agreement (F)

3915 M Operating A Lottery

3916 M Operate Video Gaming Machine

3917 F Oper Video Gaming Mach 2 Off

3918 F Oper Video Gaming Mach 3/Sub

3919 F Oper >=5 Video Gaming Mach

3920 M Oper/Poss New Video Game (M)

3921 F Oper/Poss New Video Game (F)

3922 F Operation >= 5 New Video Games

3923 M Oper/Poss Video Game Mchs (M)

3924 F Oper/Poss Video Game Machs (F)

3925 F Operation >= 5 Video Games

3926 M Other Video Game Mach Viol (M)

3927 F Other Video Game Mach Viol (F)

3928 F Other Viol >= 5 Video Mach

3929 I Play Video Game Mach < Age 18

3930 M Possession Of Lottery Tickets

3931 M Gambling

3932 M Allow Gambling In Public House

3933 M Allow Gaming Tables

3934 M Electronic Sweepstakes

3935 F Electronic Sweepstakes 2 Off

3936 F Electronic Sweepstakes 3/Sub

3999 Gambling Violation

4010 M Aid And Abet Prostitution

4011 M Prostitution

4012 M Prostitution

4013 M Solicit For Prostitution

4014 M Loitering For Prostitution

4015 M Maint Place For Prostitution

4016 M Transport For Prostitution

4018 M Solicit Crime Against Nature

4020 M Solicit Prostitution-M

4021 F Solicit Prostitution 2Nd/Sub

4022 F Solicit Prostitution Minor

4023 F Solicit Prostitution Mntl Disa

4024 M Patronize Prostitute Engage-M

4025 M Patronize Prostitute Engage-M

4026 F Patronize Prostitute Engage-F

4027 F Patronize Prostitute Engage-F

4028 F Patronize Prost Engage Minor

4029 F Patronize Prost Place Minor

4030 F Promote Prostitution-Advance

4031 F Promote Prostitution-Profits

4032 F Promote Prost-Advance Prior

4033 F Promote Prost-Profits Prior

4034 F Prom Prost Mnr/Mnt Disa Adv

4035 F Prom Prost Mnr/Mnt Disa Prof

4036 F Prom Prost Cnfine Mnr/Mnt Disa

4037 F Promote Prostitution Prior Cnv

4038 F Patronize Prost Engage Mntl Di

4039 F Patronize Prost Place Mntl Dis

4099 Commercial Sex Violation

4101 M Manufacture Liquor No Permit

4102 M Liquor, Illegal Sale/Possess.

4103 M Unsealed Wine/Liq In Pass Area

4104 M Possess Liquor For Sale

4105 T Trans Alc/Container Not Manu

4106 M Illegal Transport Alcohol Bev

4107 M Poss/Cons Beer/Wine Unaut Prem

4108 M Pos/Con F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv Unath Pr

4109 M Sell/Give Alc To Intox Person

4110 M Allow Illegal Consumption Alc

4111 I Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4112 M Poss/Tran/Sell Non-Tax Alc Bev

4113 I Att Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4114 I Poss/Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4115 M Pos Alcohol In State Park

4116 M Consume Alc By <19

4117 M Consume Alc By 19/20

4118 M Allow Con Mtbv/U-Wn Susp Perm

4119 M Pos Alcohol In State Park

4120 M Aid Underage Purchase Liquor

4121 M Aid Underage Purchase Beer

4122 M Aid Underage Pur Alc By < 21

4123 M Aid Underage Pur Alc By > 21

4124 M Transport Un-Fort Wine No Perm

4125 M Transport Frt Wine/Liq No Perm

4126 M Mail/Ship Alc Bev No Permit

4127 M Allow Con Mtbv/U-Wn Off Prem

4128 M Consume/Offer At Abc Store

4129 M Poss/Consume After Prohibited

4130 M Sell/Consume At Raffle/Bingo

4131 M Bring Alcohol Into State Viol

4132 M Poss/Cons Beer/Wine Public St

4133 M Transport>40 Lit Fort Wine/Liq

4134 M Poss/Con Beer/Wine Unauth Prem

4135 M Fail Display Permit Le Request

4136 M Display Alc Athletic Contest

4137 M Open Cnt Mbv/Unfwn Prop Cy/Cty

4138 M Possession Alcoholic Beverage

4139 M Con Mtbv/Un-Wn Off Prem Permit

4140 M Pur/Poss Beer/Wine Underage

4141 M Underage Aid/Abet Poss Alcohol

4142 M Pur/Poss Alcohol Underage

4144 F Manufacture Poisonous Liquor

4146 M Sale Of Cigarettes To Minors

4148 M Abc Law Violation

4149 F Ship Alcohol From Out State

4150 M Selling Beer/Wine To Minor

4152 M Selling Liquor To Underage

4155 M Poss/Sell Alc Bev No Permit

4156 M Con/Offer Wine - Pub Rd/Byway

4157 M Con/Offer Alc Bev Public Road

4158 M Con Mtbv/U-Wn Prem No Permit

4159 M Public Consumption

4160 M Sell/Cons Beer/Wine/Alc Aft Hr

4161 M Sell/Con Alc Bev After Hours

4162 M Sell/Give Malt /Wine To Minor

4163 M Sell/Give Alcohol Bev To Minor

4164 M Consume Beer/Wine Underage

4166 M Pur/Att Mtbv/U-Wn Not 19/20

4167 M Poss Mtbv/U-Wn Not 19/20

4168 M Pur/Att F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv < 21

4169 M Poss F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv < 21

4170 M Sell/Give Mtbv/U-Wn To < 21

4171 M Sell/Give F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv To < 21

4172 M Allow Con Mtbv/U-Wn No Permit

4173 M Poss/Sell Nontaxpaid Alc Bev

4174 M Transport Nontaxpaid Alc Bev

4175 M Drink Beer/Wine While Driving

4176 M Give Mtbv/U-Wn To <21

4177 M Give F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv To <21

4178 M Sell Maltbev/U-Wn To<21

4179 M Sell F-Wn/Lq/Mixbev To<21

4180 M Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4181 M Att Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4182 M Poss Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4183 M Consume Alc/Malt City/Co Prop

4184 M Open Container Alcohol Viol

4185 M Transport>Amt Fort Wine/Liq

4186 M Con Mbev/Unfwn Prop City/Cnty

4187 M Poss Mbev/Unfwn Prop Tmp Clsd

4188 M Transport In For-Hire Vehicle

4189 M Transport>100 Lit Unfort Wine



4195 M Intoxicated And Disruptive

4199 Liquor Violation

4210 M Intoxicated And Disruptive

4299 Public Intoxication - Free Tex

4301 I Speed Work Zn >80 Or>15 Over

4302 I Speed Work Zn<80 And <=15 Over

4401 I Impede Traffic By Slow Speed

4402 I Overtaken Veh Inc Speed(I)

4403 I Improper Passing On Right

4404 I Horn And Warning Device Vio

4405 I Flag Light End Of Load Viol

4406 I Follow/Pk Near Fire Trk-Rural

4407 I Mirror Violation

4408 I Follow/Pk Near Fire Trk-City

4409 I Soliciting From Highway

4410 I Unlawful Use Of Highways

4411 I Safety Zone/Sidewalks Viol

4412 I Drive Left Of Center

4413 I Improper Towing

4414 I Child Not In Rear Seat

4415 I Over Load Size/Length/ Vehicle

4416 I Improper Signal

4417 I Crossing Median

4418 I Improper Equip - Speedometer

4419 I Speed Less Than Posted Minimum

4420 I Twin/Semi Trailer Viol(I)

4421 I Tire Restrictions Equip Viol

4422 I Motorcycle Fail Burn Headlamp

4423 I Improper Steering Mechanism

4424 I Motorcycle Fail Burn Taillight

4425 I Improper Loading/Covering Veh

4426 I Directional Signals Equip Viol

4427 I Rear Lamps Violation

4428 I Windshield Wiper Equip Viol

4429 I Brake/Stop Light Equip Viol

4430 I Motorcycle/Moped Helmet Psgr

4431 I Fail To Yield From Private Drv

4432 I Failure To Yield

4433 I Drive Wrong Way On Dual Lane

4434 I Fail To Yield Left Turn

4435 I Additional Lighting Equip Viol

4436 I White Light Rear-Drive Forward

4437 I Marked Lane Violation

4438 I Traffic Control Device Viol

4439 I Improper Backing

4440 I Expired/No Inspection

4441 I Drive Over Fire Hose Or Equip

4442 I Insp Sticker No Inspection

4443 I Altered Inspection Sticker

4444 I Overloaded/Overcrowded Vehicle

4445 I Fail To Burn Headlamps

4446 I No Headlights On Wipers On

4447 I Improper Turn

4448 I Red Light Violation

4449 I Exceeding Posted Speed

4450 I Speeding

4451 I Improper Use Of Traffic Lane

4452 I Fail Yld Stopsign/Flsh Red Lgt

4453 I Failure To Yield - Yield Sign

4454 I Fail Stop Stopsign/Flsh Red Lt

4455 I Fail To Stop-Steady Red Light

4456 I Too Fast For Conditions

4457 I Obstructed Windshield/Windows

4458 I Unsafe Movement

4459 I Fail To Signal When Turning

4460 I Failure To Reduce Speed

4461 I Stop Where Traffic Obstructed

4462 I Unsafe Tires

4463 I Unsafe Passing Oncoming Traf

4464 I Unsafe Passing Crest Or Curve

4465 I Unsafe Passing Rr Or Intersect

4466 I Drive Wrong Way-One Way St/Rd

4467 I Exceeding Safe Speed

4468 I Speeding In School Zone

4469 I Unsafe Passing Yellow Line

4470 I Fail To Wear Seat Belt-Driver

4471 I Fail To Wear Seat Belt

4472 I Fail To Secure Passen Under 16

4473 I Fail Wear Seat Belt-Front Seat

4474 I Speed On School Property Ord

4475 I Speed In Hwy Work Zone

4476 I Fail To Stop For Rr Warning

4477 I Fail To Dim Headlamps

4478 I Speed Faster Than Reasonable

4479 I Fail To Obey Rr Signal

4480 I Fail Pedestrian Right Of Way

4481 I No Lights On Parked Vehicle

4482 I Following Too Closely

4483 I Illegal Parking

4484 I Improper Passing

4485 I Transport Child Open Cargo Bed

4486 I Improper Muffler


4488 I Improper Brakes

4489 I Improper Vehicle Inspection

4490 I Windshield Wiper Equip Viol

4491 I Federal Safety Inspect Viol

4492 I Drive Without Two Headlamps

4493 I Unlawfully Pass Em/Pub Sv Veh

4494 I Leave Veh Unattended/Unsecure

4495 I Park Fire Hyd/Station/Priv Dr

4496 I Overtime Parking

4497 I Handicapped Parking Violation

4498 I Darkened Windshield/Windows

4499 I Traffic Infraction Violation

4501 I Speed In Excess Of 25 Mph

4502 I Speed In Excess Of 35 Mph

4503 I Speed In Excess Of 45 Mph

4504 I Speed In Excess Of 55 Mph

4505 I Speed In Excess Of 65 Mph

4506 I Unsafe Lane Change

4507 I Center Lane Violation

4508 I Designated Lane Violation

4509 I Lane Change Signal Violation

4510 T Fail Move Over Inj Person/Prop

4511 F Fail Move Over Ser Inj/Death

4512 I Fail Wear Seat Belt-Rear Seat

4513 I Driver<18 Use Cell Phone In Mv

4514 T School Bus Drvr Use Cell Phone

4515 M Texting/Email Viol School Bus

4516 I Texting/Email Viol Motor Veh

4517 T Safety/Emission Inspect-No Lic

4518 I License Plate Frame/Cover Viol

4519 I Fail To Yield To Pedestrian

4520 I Location Of Tv In Vehicle

4521 I Unsafe Move Mc Chng/Lv Lanes

4522 I Unsafe Move Mc Crash Dmge/Inj

4523 I Texting/Email Viol Cmv

4524 I Unsafe Move Mc Crash Sbinj

4525 I Unsafe Move Mc Crash>5,000

4526 I Reg Card Address Change Vio

4527 I Fail Carry Valid Drivers Lic

4528 I Fail Carry Registration Card

4529 I Fail Sign Registration Card

4530 I Passenger Restriction Level 2

4531 I Lic/Permit Seat Belt Viol <18

4532 I Lic/Permit Seating Viol <18

4533 I Texting Viol Motor Veh

4534 I Texting Viol Commercial Veh

4535 I Lic/Prmt Viol Oth Rstrctn <18

4536 I Mobile Phone Viol Motor Veh

4537 I Mobile Phone Viol Comm Veh

4540 I Poss Opn Cnt/Cons Alc Psg Area

4541 I Low-Speed Vehicle Violation

4542 F Fel Hit/Run Fail Stop Inj Rv 1

4543 F Fel Hit/Run Fail Stop Inj Rv 2

4544 I Highway Rr Crossing Violation

4545 I Pass/Comm Mv Rr Crossing Viol

4546 I Heavy Equip Rr Crossing Viol

4547 I Hov Lane Violation

4548 I Fail To Yield To Pedestrian

4549 I Fail To Yield Serious Injury

4550 I Drive Left Of Center-Pass Rght

4551 I Illegal Right Turn On Red

4552 I Improper Passing On Right

4553 I Wrong Way On Dual Lane Highway

4554 I Failure To Dim Lights Meet Veh

4555 I Fail Remove Crash From Road

4556 I Drive Wrong Way-One Way Local

4557 I Drive Wrong Way-One Way Dot

4558 I Cmv Lane Vio Interstate/Ca Hwy

4559 I Fail To Obey Rr Signal Cmv

4560 I Highway Rr Crossing Cmv Viol

4561 I Certain Cmv Stop Rr Crossing

4562 I Heavy Equip Rr Cross Cmv Viol

4563 I Stop Where Traf Obstructed Cmv

4564 I Fail To Yield Emerg Veh No Acc

4565 I Stop/Leave Stand Mv Inter/Cah

4566 I Fail Maintain Lane Control

4567 I Twin Trailer Non-Designate Rte

4568 I Veh Tow Oth Veh Keep Rght

4569 I Improper Use Dealer Plates

4570 I Improper Pass Too Close Left

4571 I Improper Pass Return Right

4572 I Vehicle Height Violation

4573 I Fail To Notify Dmv Addr Change

4574 I Expired Operators License

4575 T Obtain Dr Lic By Fraud

4576 T Obtain Comm Dr Lic By Fraud




4701 F Fel Serious Injury By Vehicle

4702 F Agg Fel Ser Injury By Vehicle

4703 F Agg Felony Death By Vehicle

4704 T DWLR Aft Impaired Rev Notice

4705 T Fta 2 Yr Aft Imp-Consent Off

4706 F Repeat Felony Death By Vehicle

4707 F Pass Stopped Bus Strike Person

4708 F Fel Hit/Run Ser Inj/Death

4709 F Fel Hit/Run Ser Inj/Death Rv 1

4710 F Fel Hit/Run Ser Inj/Death Rv 2

4711 F Fel Hit/Run Injury

4712 F Fel Hit/Run Injury Rv 1

4713 F Fel Hit/Run Injury Rv 2

4714 T Dwlr Aft Impaired Rev Notice

4715 T Fta 2 Yr Aft Imp-Consentoff

4716 T DWLR Not Impaired Rev

4717 T DWLR Impaired Rev

4718 T A&A DWLR Not Impaired Rev

4719 T Aid&Abet DWLR Impaired Rev

4720 T Imp Use Temp Dealer Permit/Tag

4721 T Cancl/Revok/Susp Certif/Tag

4722 T Fict/Alt Title/Reg Card/Tag

4723 F Pass Stop Sch Bus-Cause Death

4724 T DWI - Aggravated Level 1

4725 T Dwlr Not Impaired Rev

4726 T Dwlr Impaired Rev

4727 T A&A Dwlr Not Imparied Rev

4728 T Aid&Abet Dwlr Impaired Rev

4801 M Resist/Obstruct Public Officer

4818 M Failure To Disperse

4820 T Fail To Obey Traffic Officer

4822 M Impersonation- Peace Officers

4899 Obstruct Police Violation

4904 M Harboring Fugitive

4905 F Felony Harboring Escapee

4910 M Escape By Hired Prisoner

4912 M Escape From Local Jail

4914 F Escape From State Prison (F)

4916 M Escape From State Prison (M)

4918 F Fugitive

4920 M Persuading Inmates To Escape

4922 M Misdemeanor Escape Local Jail

4924 F Felony Escape Local Jail

4926 F Escape Private Correction Fac

4999 Flight/Escape Violation

5000 F Rico Perjury

5001 F Governors Warrant

5003 F Perjury

5004 F Subornation Of Perjury

5006 F Offering Bribes

5008 F Receiving Bribes

5010 M Obstructing Justice


5012 F Assault Exec Legl Court Offcr

5013 F Asslt Exec Legl Crt Offcr Weap

5014 F Asslt Exec Legl Crt Offcr Injr

5015 F Assault To Retal Vs Pub Offcr

5016 F Threaten Exec Legl Court Offcr

5017 F Assault Retal Vs Pub Off/Weap

5018 F Threat Retal Vs Pub Off


5020 F Failure To Appear On Felony

5022 M Failure To Appear On Misd

5023 F Harassment Of Juror

5024 M Intimidation Of A Witness

5025 F Intimidating Witness

5026 M Violation Of Court Order

5028 M Criminal Contempt

5029 M Contempt By Probationer

5030 M Misdemeanor Probation Viol

5032 F Felony Probation Violation

5033 F H/I Felony Probation Violation

5034 M Show Cause

5036 M Bill Of Particulars

5038 M Misd Prob Viol Out Of County

5040 F Fel Prob Viol Out Of County

5042 M Probation Revocation Appeal

5044 M Probation Revocation Appeal

5046 M Motions

5048 M Motion To Withhold Wages

5099 Public Order-Free Text

5102 F Bribery - Offering

5103 F Bribery - Receiving

5199 Bribery Violation

5201 M Permit Children Use Firearms

5202 M Carrying Concealed Weapon

5203 M Poss Weapon On School Grounds

5204 M Possess Handgun By Minor

5205 M Sell/Give Weapon To Minor (M)

5213 M Shooting Within City Limits

5221 M Go Armed To Terror Of People

5222 M Possession Of Machine Gun (M)

5225 M Possess Weapon By Prisoner (M)

5226 M Sell/Purchase Weapon No Permit

5228 M Shooting/Throwing At Train (M)

5230 M Deadly Weapon Off Premises

5235 M Weapons On Educ Prop/Aid (M)

5240 M Carrying Concealed Gun(M)

5241 M Poss Weapon State Prop/Crthous


5244 I Conceal Handgun Permit Viol(I)

5245 I Conc Handgun Prohibit Premise

5246 M Conceal Handgun Permit Viol(M)

5251 M Providing Tobacco To Inmate

5252 M Providing Phone/Elec To Inmate

5253 M Inmate Poss Tobacco/Phone Elec

5254 M Conc Handgun Aft/Whl Cons Alc

5255 M Conc Handgun Prohibit Premise

5257 M Poss Tobacco By Inmate

5258 F Poss Phone/Comm Dev By Inmate

5259 F Providing Phone/Elec To Inmate



5299 Weapon Offense Violation

5301 F Felony Inciting To Riot

5302 M Riot - Inciting

5303 M Trespass During Emergency (M)

5304 F Trespass During Emergency (F)

5308 M False Fire Alarm

5309 M Harassing Phone Call

5310 M Resisting Public Officer

5312 M Fail To Disperse On Command

5314 M Impersonate Law Enforcemnt (M)

5315 F Operate Veh With Blue Light

5316 F Blue Light Cause Stop/Yield

5317 M Imperson Ems Personnel/Fireman

5320 M Barking Dog

5321 M Allow Dog To Run At Night

5322 M Indecent Language On Telephone

5325 T Blocking Fire Exit

5326 M Cyber-Bullying Def =>18

5327 M Cyber-Bullying Def <18

5328 M Communicating Threats

5329 M Misdemeanor Stalking

5330 M Disorderly Conduct

5331 M Disorderly Conduct-School

5332 M Disorderly Conduct At Terminal

5333 M Ethnic Intimidation

5334 M Teaching Ethnic Intimidation

5335 M Obstruct Health Care Facility

5336 T Obstructing Fire Operations

5337 M Cyberstalking

5338 M Threatening Phone Call

5339 F Felony Stalking

5340 M Sex Offn Viol No Contact Order

5341 M Drive On Closed/Unopened Hwy

5342 M Put Injurious Object In Road

5344 M Exceed Bridge Load Limit

5345 F False Bomb Report

5346 M False Bomb Report

5347 F Hoax By False Bomb

5348 M Hazing

5349 F False Bomb Report Public Bldg

5350 M Keeping A Disorderly House

5351 F Hoax False Bomb Public Bldg

5352 M Refuse Release Line Emergency

5354 M Handling Dangerous Reptiles

5356 M Profane Language On Highway

5357 F False Rep Law Enf Child Victim

5358 M Misuse Of 911 System

5359 M Misuse Of 911 System

5360 M False Ambulance Request

5361 M Interfere Emerg Communication

5362 M False Report To Police Station

5363 F False Rpt Mass Viol Educ Prop

5364 M Public Disturbance

5365 M Disorderly Conduct Funeral

5366 M Disorderly Cond Funeral 2 Off

5367 F Disorderly Cond Funeral 3/+

5368 F Disorderly Cond Funeral 2 Off

5369 M Remove/Etc Political Sign Viol

5370 F Commercial Littering

5371 F Littering Hazardous Waste

5372 M Littering Not > 15 Lbs

5373 M Littering 15 - 500 Lbs

5374 F Littering > 500 Lbs

5375 I Unintentional Litter <= 15 Lb

5376 I Unintentional Litter 15-500 Lb

5377 I Unintentional Litter > 500 Lb



5381 M Misdemeanor Stalking

5382 F Felony Stalking

5383 M Cyber-Bully Sch Emp-Student

5399 Public Peace Violation

5400 T Poss/Disp Alt/Fict/Revd Dr Lic

5401 T Know Fict/Canc/Rev/Susp Lic

5402 T Speed To Elude Arrest

5403 T Dui - Drugs (Repealed /83)

5404 T Dui - Alcholic Beverage (R/83)

5405 T Driving While Impaired

5406 F Felony Death By Vehicle

5407 T No Registration Card

5408 T Impede Traffic Sit/Stand/Lie

5409 T Allow Use Of License Or Permit

5410 T Allow Unlicense Minor To Drive

5411 T Display/Use Another License

5412 T Drive Left Of Center

5413 T Reckless Driving Aft Alc(R/83)

5414 T No Child Restraint System

5415 T Over Load Size/Length/ Vehicle

5416 T Dot Special Permit Violation

5417 F Possess Stolen Motor Vehicle

5418 T Driving While License Revoked

5419 T Speed Less Than Posted Minimum

5420 T Fail To Surrender Title

5421 T Fail To Notify Dmv Addr Change

5422 T Motorcycle Fail Burn Headlamps

5423 T Dui-Driving Instructor (R/83)

5424 T Motorcycle Fail Burn Taillight

5425 T Improper Loading Of Vehicle

5426 T Fail To Heed Light Or Siren

5427 T Drive W/O Rear Lamps

5428 T Fail To Stop For Stopped Bus

5429 T Dui - Fourth Offense (R/83)

5430 T Motorcycle Fail To Wear Helmet

5431 T Drive W/.1 Or More Bl Alc(R83)

5432 T Failure To Yield

5433 T Drive Wrong Way On Dual Lane

5434 T Fictitious Drivers License

5435 T Hit - Run Property Fail Info

5436 T Hit And Run - Fail Info

5437 T Hit-Run Person-Fail Assist (M)

5438 T Hit-Run Person Fail Stop (F)

5439 T Hit-Run -- Unattended Vehicle

5440 T Inspection Violation

5441 T No Operators License

5442 T Prearranged Speed Competition

5443 T Misdemeanor Death By Vehicle

5444 T Overloaded/Overcrowded Vehicle

5445 T Fail To Burn Headlamps

5446 T Reckless Driving To Endanger

5447 T Improper Turn

5448 T Red Light Violation

5449 T Allow Fictitious Reg Plate

5450 T Speeding

5451 T Improper Use Of Traffic Lane

5452 T Speed Competition

5453 T Allow Intox Person Drive(R/83)

5454 T Stop Sign Violation

5455 T Fail Comply Lic Restrictions

5456 T Too Fast For Conditions

5457 T Obstructed Windshield

5458 T Unsafe Movement

5459 T DWI 2Nd Offense

5460 T Failure To Reduce Speed

5461 T Expired Registration Card/Tag

5462 T Unsafe Tires

5463 T Spinning Tires

5464 T Reckless Drvg-Wanton Disregard

5465 T Fict/Cncl/Rev/Alt Reg Card/Tag

5466 T Drive Wrong Way-One Way St/Rd

5467 T Exceeding Safe Speed

5468 T Fictitious Info To Officer

5469 T Expired Operators License

5470 T Allow Unlicensed To Drive

5471 T Aid And Abet Impaired Driving

5472 T Dui - Second Offense (R/83)

5473 T Dui - Third Offense (R/83)

5474 T DWLR Permanent

5475 T Fail Comply Restricted Driving

5476 T Fail To Stop For Rr Warning

5477 T Fail To Dim Headlamps

5478 T Speed Faster Than Reasonable

5479 T Fail To Report Accident

5480 T Fail Pedestrian Right Of Way

5481 T No Lights On Parked Vehicle

5482 T Following Too Closely

5483 T Illegal Parking

5484 T Improper Passing

5485 T Dr/Allow Reg Plate Not Display

5486 T Improper Muffler

5487 T No Motorcycle Endorsement

5488 T Improper Brakes

5489 T No Liability Insurance

5490 T Leave Scene Of Accident

5491 T Drive/Allow Mv No Registration

5492 T Drive W/O 2 Headlamps

5493 T License Not In Possession

5494 T Operate Veh No Ins

5495 T Park Fire Hyd/Station/Priv Dr

5496 T Overtime Parking

5497 T Handicapped Parking Violation

5498 T Willful Speed Competition

5499 T Traffic Offense Violation

5501 T Speeding School/Activity Bus

5502 T Fail To Obtain Reg Or Title

5503 T Reg/Title Address Change Vio

5504 T Oper Moped Less Than 16 Yoa

5505 T Fail Exhibit/Surrender License

5506 T Use Foreign License While DWLR

5507 T Location Of Tv In Vehicle

5508 T Fail To Apply For New Title

5509 F Motor Vehicle Rental Fraud

5510 T Fail To Sec Red Flag On Load

5511 T DWI - Level 1

5512 T DWI - Level 2

5513 T DWI - Level 3

5514 T DWI - Level 4

5515 T DWI - Level 5

5516 T DWI - Level 5 - Aid/Abet

5517 T DWI (.10) - Level 1

5518 T DWI (.10) - Level 2

5519 T DWI (.10) - Level 3

5520 T DWI (.10) - Level 4

5521 T DWI (.10) - Level 5

5522 T DWI (.10)-Level 5 Aid/Abet

5523 T Aid & Abet Operators Lic Viol

5524 T Learners Permit Violation

5525 T Special Id Fraud Violation

5526 T DWI - Provisional License

5527 F Habitual Impaired Driving

5528 T Reproduction Of Insp Sticker

5529 T Fail Weigh/Enter Weigh Station

5530 M Dog Vaccination

5531 T Aid And Abet DWLR

5532 T Buy/Sell Vehicle No License

5533 T Failure To Deliver Title

5534 F False Certification Of Title

5535 T Display Anothers Lic As Own

5536 T Fail Surr Title/Reg Card/Tag

5537 T Deliv/Accept Blank/Open Title

5538 T Give/Lend/Borrow Lic Plate

5539 T Overtaken Veh Inc Speed Collsn

5540 M Treatment W/O Req License

5541 M Barbering W/O Certificate

5542 M No Barbershop/School Permit

5543 F Specl Id Fraud In Commit Fel

5544 M Public Health Violation

5545 M Fail To Report For Tb Treatmnt

5546 M Sewage Disposal Violation

5547 F B/I/S/P Forged Inspection

5548 F Dump Toxic Substances

5549 T Speeding In School Bus

5550 T Fail To Obey Traffic Officer

5551 T MV Sublease Violation (M)

5552 F MV Sublease Violation (F)

5553 T DWLR Viol Restored Lic

5554 F Pass Stopped Bus Ser Bod Inj

5555 T Possesion Stolen Vehicle(Misd)

5556 T Fict/Cncl/Rev Reg Card/Tag

5557 T Reg Plat Improperly Attached

5558 T Altered Reg Card/Tag

5559 T DWLR Viol .16 Ac Lmtd Drv Prv

5560 T DWLR Viol Limited Drive Priv

5561 T Drive W/O Lic For Veh-Non Comm

5562 T Sell False Drivers Lic/Permit

5563 T Sell Handicapped Placards

5564 T Obtain Dr License By Fraud

5565 T Permit Operation Veh No Ins

5566 T Tampering With Vehicle Parts

5567 T Tampering With Vehicle Steal

5568 T Tampering With Vehicle

5569 T Fail To Sign Registration Card

5570 T Drive After Drinking Prov Lic

5571 T Impaired Superv/Instruction

5572 M Drink Beer/Wine While Driving

5573 T Covering/Disguising Reg Plate

5574 T Improper Use Dealer Permit/Tag

5575 T False Report Of Theft Of Mv

5576 T Use Of Red Or Blue Light

5577 T Drive After Consuming < 21

5578 I Cover Reg Sticker/Plate

5579 T Radar Detector Comm Vehicle

5580 T Twin/Semi Trailer Viol(M)

5581 F Fel Hit/Run Fail Stop Per Inj

5582 T Fail To Give Info/Aid Per Inj

5583 T Hit/Run Fail Stop Prop Damage

5584 T Hit/Run Leave Scene Prop Dam

5585 T Designated Truck Route Viol

5586 T NC Id Card Fraud

5587 T Fail File Rep/Notc Unclaim Mv

5588 F Change Of Mileage Viol

5589 I Poss Opn Cnt/Cons Alc Psg Area

5590 F Altering Serial Numbers

5591 T Alter Title

5592 F Alter Title

5593 F Sell False Drivers Lic/Permit

5594 T Open Cont After Cons Alc 1St

5595 T Open Cont Aftr Cons Alc Subofn

5596 T Window Tinting Viol

5597 T Fail To Enter/Weigh Station

5598 F False Lic/Perm In Commit Fel

5599 Traffic Offense-Free Text

5610 T DWI Commercial Vehicle

5611 I Ramp Meter Violation

5615 T Commercial DWI Under Influence

5620 T Commercial DWI >=.04

5621 T Commercial DWI Sch I CS

5622 T Consume Alcohol Comm Veh

5624 T Consume Alch Sch Bus/Child Veh

5625 I Possess Alcohol In Cmv

5626 T Consume Alc Comm Veh 2Nd/Sub

5627 T Con Alc Sc Bus/Chl Veh 2Nd/Sub

5628 F Sex Offn W/O Cmv P/S Endorse

5630 T Learners Permit Violation >18

5633 T Lic/Prmit Time Limit Viol <18

5634 T Lic/Permit No Supv Driver <18

5635 T DWLR License Not Reclaimed

5636 T Dwlr License Not Reclaimed

5637 F Elude Arrest Mv Cause Death

5638 F Elude Arrest Mv Death 2 Af

5639 F Elude Arrest Mv Death >=3 Af

5640 T Flee/Elude Arrest W/Mv (M)

5641 F Flee/Elude Arrest W/Mv (F)

5642 F Elude Arrst Mv 2 Agrvtg Fctrs

5643 F Elude Arrst Mv >=3 Agrv Fctrs

5644 T Aggressive Driving

5645 F Passenger Flee Acc Inj/Death

5646 T Passenger Flee Acc Prop Dam

5647 T Passenger Fail Give Info/Aid

5655 T No Drivers Lic Comm Vehicle

5656 T Oper Comm Veh Comm Nol

5657 T Drive Cveh Clic Disqualified

5660 T Drive Cveh W/C Lic Sus/Rev/Dqd

5661 T Comm Dl Not In Possession

5662 T Dr Com Veh W/O Proper Endorse

5663 T Cmv Out-Of-Service Order Viol

5670 T Fail To Mark For Hire Vehicle

5671 T Window Tint Viol Cmv

5674 T Fail Display/Advt Lic Or List

5680 T Radar Detector Comm Vehicle

5682 T Motor Carrier Log Book Viol

5685 T Reckless Drvg W Cmv Load Prmt

5686 T Speed > 15 Over Cmv Load Prmt

5687 T Speed >=15 Over Cmv Load Prmt

5689 T Falsified Record Duty Status

5690 T Fail Ret Prev 7 Dy Duty Status

5691 T Medcl Examined/Cert Fmcr Viol

5692 T Evade Fmcr Fail Have Rec Duty

5693 T Fmcr Fail Have Org/Cpy Med Cer

5699 T Comm/Other License Violation

5701 M Trespass On Posted Property

5702 F First Deg Tresp-Infrastruct-F

5703 M First Deg Tresp-Infrastruct-M

5704 M Secret Listening Prisoner/Atty

5705 M Trspss Posted Prop Pine Straw

5706 M Trespass On Posted Property

5707 M Trespass Without A License

5708 M First Deg Tresp Enter/Remain

5709 M Second Degree Trespass

5710 M Forcible Trespass

5711 M Ride On Train Unlawfully

5712 M Injury To Personal Property

5713 M Ride On Train Unlawfully

5714 M Misdemeanor Secret Peeping

5715 F Felony Secret Peeping

5716 M Domestic Crim Trespass(M)

5717 F Dom Cr Trespss Safe House Weap


5719 M Deface Grave/Grave Site (M)

5720 F Disturb Casket/Grave Marker

5721 F Desecrate Grave Site >=$1000

5722 F Desecrate Human Remains

5723 F First Deg Tresp/Ebci 2Nd/Sub

5729 M Trespass W/All Terrain Veh

5730 M Trespass On Airport Property

5731 M Trespass On Rr Right-Of-Way

5732 M Injury To Railroad Property

5733 M Impede/Prevent/Impair Oper Rr

5799 Invade Privacy Violation

5803 T DWLR Viol Ldp - Impaired Rev

5804 T DWLR Viol Ldp - Non Impaired

5805 T Dwlr Viol Ldp - Impaired Rev

5806 T Dwlr Viol Limited Drive Priv

5876 F Forge Inspect Sticker/Receipt

5877 F Solicit/Accept Value Fail Insp

5878 F Buy/Sell Ele Insp Veh Not Pass

5879 T False Applic Reg/Title

6028 I No Smoking Viol-Restaurant/Bar

6029 I No Smoking Viol-Local Ord

6030 M Dog/Cat/Ferret Vaccination

6039 M Practice Pharmacy W/O License

6040 M Treatment W/O Req License

6041 M Barbering W/O Certificate

6042 M No Barber Shop/School Permit

6043 M Practice Medicine W/O License

6044 M Public Health Violation

6045 M Fail To Report For Tb Treatmnt

6046 M Sewage Disposal Violation

6048 F Dump Toxic Substances

6049 F Pract Medicine W/ Non-Nc Lic

6099 Health Law Violation

6170 F Controlled Substance Tax Crime

6175 M Tax On Drugs

6180 M Fail To File/Pay Income Tax

6181 M Fail To Withhold Tax

6185 F Aid/Assist Fraud Tax Return

6186 F Tax Fraud By Preparer >= $100K

6187 F Tax Fraud By Preparer < $100K

6188 F Attempt To Evade Or Defeat Tax

6189 F Tax Fraud By Non-Preparer

6190 M Fail To File/Pay Sales Tax

6195 M Fail To List Property For Tax

6199 Tax Revenue Violation

6201 M No Trout License - Nr

6202 M Fishing Without A License-Nr

6203 M Hunting Without A License-Nr

6204 M Trap Without A License-Nr

6205 M Instigate Cruelty To Animals

6206 F Cruelty To Animals(F)

6207 M Fishing Without A License

6208 M Hunting Without A License

6209 M Trap Without A License

6210 M Cruelty To Animals(M)

6211 M Abandonment Of An Animal

6212 M Fishing Without A License

6213 M No Trout License

6214 M No Hunting License

6215 M No Big Game License

6216 M Motorvessel W/O Lifesaving Dev

6217 M Hunt/Fish/Trap-No Game License

6218 I Failure To Wear Hunter Orange

6219 M Unlawfully Take Mig Game Bird

6220 M Selling/Buying Wildlife

6221 M Take Game During Closed Season

6222 M Exceeding Game Limit

6223 M Oper Motorvessel Invalid Num

6224 M Boating W/O Req Lights/Equip

6225 M Use Unplugged Shotgun

6226 M Poss Deer Taken Closed Season

6229 M Kill Animal By Starvation

6230 M DWI - Motor Boat/Vessel

6231 M Fish With Unlawful Bait

6232 M Poss Natural Bait/Trout Waters

6233 M Tow Water Ski W/O Observer

6234 M Personal Watercraft Viol

6235 M Vess On Water Fail Stop Ord Le

6236 M Motorvessel Numbering Offenses

6237 M Boat Access Area-Other Purpose

6238 M Tow Water Ski W/O Life/Mirror

6239 M Boat Access Impede By Obstruct

6240 M Spotlight Deer/Night Deer Hunt

6242 M Shine/Sweep Light For Deer

6243 M Camping Violations

6244 M Open Burning When Prohibited

6246 M Fail Report/Tag Big Game

6247 M Wildlife Compact Violation

6248 M Litter Gameland/Access Area

6249 M Motorvessel Fire Extingush Vio

6250 M Hunt/Fish Post Prop No Permit

6251 M Hunt From State Road

6252 M Hunt From Motor Vehicle

6253 I Park In Boat Access Area Viol

6254 M Drive On Gamelands Illegally

6255 M Opert Atv Sandhills/Gameland

6256 M Exceeding No Wake Speed

6257 M Unlawful Use Boat Access Area

6258 M Camping Violations

6259 F Dog Fighting

6260 M Cockfighting

6261 M Animal Fighting

6262 M Take Shrimp In Closed Area

6263 F Cockfighting

6264 M Fish Trout Water Closed Season

6265 M Poss <=3 Mtn Trout Closed Seas

6266 M Comm Fishing No Vessel License

6267 M Com/Mech Fish No Shellfish Lic

6268 M Gill Net Violation

6269 M Crab Or Crab Pot Violation

6271 M Negligent Hunting

6272 M Poss Firearm Closed Season

6279 M Pound Net Or Stakes Violation

6280 M Take/Poss Undersize Fish

6281 M Take Shellfish Polluted Water

6282 M Take/Poss Undersize Bluefish

6283 M Take/Poss Undersize Clams

6284 M Take/Poss Undersize Flounder

6285 M Take/Poss Undersize Oysters

6286 M Take/Poss Undersize Red Drum

6287 M Take/Poss Undersize Spot Trout

6288 M Take/Poss Undersize Strpd Bass

6289 M Take/Poss Undersize Weakfish

6290 I Boat Safety Education Viol

6291 F Kill Animal By Starvation (F)

6299 Wildlife Violation

6303 M Exceed Limit Shellfish By<=20%

6304 M Exceed Limit Shellfish By >20%


6306 M Exceed Limit Finfish By<=50%

6307 M Exceed Limit Of Finfish By>50%

6308 M Trawl In Closed Area

6309 M Take/Poss Undersized Scallops

6310 M Take/Pos Oys/Scl Clsd Seas/Day

6311 M Take/Pos Finfish Clsd Seas/Day

6312 M Gill Net/Equip/Oper Violations

6313 M Channel Net Violations

6314 M Poss Finfish W/O Head/Tail

6315 M Prohibited Gear Nursery Area

6316 M Oys/Clam/Mus W/O Harvest Tag

6317 M Reporting/Trip Ticket Viol

6318 M Take Clam Mech Mthd Clsd Ar/Se

6319 M Fishing Lease Violations

6321 M Take/Unld Oys/Clm Sun/At Night

6322 M Take/Pos Shrimp Clsd Seas/Per

6323 M Take/Poss Nass Grp/Jewfsh/Strg


6325 M Fish/Gear Tax Receipt Doc Viol

6327 M Take/Possess Undersized Eel


6341 M Imp Take Menhaden/Thread Herr

6342 M Exceed Personal Shellfish Limt

6343 M Recreational Fish W/O License

6344 M Improper Use Gill Nets Icww

6345 M Fish W/O Have Lic/Assign/Endor

6346 M Refuse Exhibit Lic/Assgn/Endor

6347 M Rec Fish Com Equip Wo Gear Lic

6348 M Take/Poss Undersize Oys <=20%

6349 M Take/Poss Undersize Oys >20%

6350 M Take/Poss Undersize Clam <=20%

6351 M Take/Poss Undersize Clam >20%

6352 M Take/Poss Undersize Crab <=20%

6353 M Take/Poss Undersize Crab >20%

6354 M Take/Pos Undrsize Finfish<=20%

6355 M Take/Pos Undrsize Finfish>20%

6356 M Use Trawl Net Wkend Clsd Per

6357 M Taking Crabs In Closed Area

6358 M Use Crab Pots In Non-Desg Area

6359 M Use Crab Pots Closed Season

6360 M Leave Pot/Gill Net Unattended

6361 M Use Gill Nets W/O Buoy/Ident

6362 M Use Pots W/O Buoy/Ident

6370 M Engage Wrc Act No Lic/Permit

6371 M Unlawful Taking Of Fish

6372 M Engage Reg Act No Lic/Permit

6373 M Solely Violation Rules Of Wrc

6374 M Take Mig Waterfowl W/O Lic

6375 M Fish W/Special Device W/O Lic

6376 M Fish W/Special Dev W/O Lic-Nr

6377 M Carry Axe/Saw Hunt Raccoon/Opo

6378 M Carry Axe/Saw/Cl Irn Clsd Seas

6379 M Set Trap W/O Met Tag Attached

6380 M Use Trotline W/ Live Bait

6381 M Fail Mark Trotline W/Name/Add

6382 M Fail Return Game Fish Unharmed

6383 M Possess <5 Undersize Fish

6384 M Poss <=3 Fish Over Creel Limit

6385 I Tow Water Ski W/O Observer(I)

6386 I Pers Crft Time/Speed/Float/Tow

6387 I Tow Water Ski W/O Life/Mirror

6388 I Exceeding No Wake Speed(I)

6389 I Oper Motorvessel Invalid Num

6390 I Motorvessel Numbering Offenses

6391 I Motorvessel W/O Lifesaving Dev

6392 I Boating W/O Req Lights/Equip

6393 I Motorvessel Fire Extingush Vio

6394 I Fishing Without A License-Nr

6395 I Fishing Without A License

6396 I Recreational Fish W/O License

6397 M Exceed Personal Shellfish Limt

6398 I Pers Wtrcrft Age/Instruction

6401 M Pers Wtrcrft Rental Insurance












































6501 M Remove/Disturb/Etc Plant/Rock

6502 M Coll Plant/Animal/Minrl No Per

6503 M Unlawful Use Metal Detectors

6504 M Rock Clmb/Rpl Undsg Area/No Pt

6505 M Swim/Wade/Bathe Undesign Area

6506 M Public Nudity In Parks

6507 M Carry/Dep Glass/Metal Pk Beach

6508 M Dispose Hh/Bus Garbage Prk Cnt

6509 M Ent/Rem Pk Bef/Aft Hrs W/O Per

6510 M Bathe Animal/Wash Clothes Park

6511 M Drive Veh In Pk Not Des Veh Tr

6512 M Dr Unlic Veh/Mtr/Mn-Bike In Pk

6513 M Park In Undesignated Areas

6514 M Lev Veh Unatt>12 Hr/Ongt No Pt

6515 M Obstruct Traffic In A Park

6516 M Boat/Raft/Canoe In Swim Area

6517 M Launch Boat/Raft/Can Und Area

6518 M Part Ath Contest Undesig Area

6519 M Ride/Unload Horse Undesig Area

6520 M Fishing In Undesignated Areas

6521 M Fish W/O Paying Required Fees

6522 M Coll Live Spec Fish Bait In Pk

6523 M Set Fire Undesignated Place

6524 M Set Fire When Proh By Park Emp

6525 M Fail Tend Fire Designated Plac

6526 M Prod Noise/Mus/Etc Ann/Dist Pk

6527 M Poss/Cons/Sale Alc Bev In Park

6528 M Poss/Cons/Sale Cont Sub Park

6529 M Being Intoxicated In A Park

6530 M All Animal Swim/Bath/Rest/Cab

6531 M All Animal Unatt/Unleash Park

6532 M All Animal Out Veh/Tent 9P-7A

6533 M Engage Comm Ent In Pk No Perm

6534 M Take Photo Comm In Pk No Perm

6535 M Erect/Post Not/Adv Pk No Perm

6536 M Meet/Cerem/Speech Pk No Perm

6537 M Set Fire 500Ft Woodland No Per

6538 M Burn Debris Clear Act No Per

6539 M Ign Mat 500Ft Wood Night No Pe

6540 M Burn When Burn Perm Cancelled

6541 M Open Burning When Prohibited

6542 M Set Fire 500Ft Woodland No Per

6543 M Burn Debris Clear Act No Per

6544 M Ign Mat 500Ft Wood Night No Pe

6545 M Burn When Burn Perm Canceled

6546 M Haras/Disturb Wildlife/Nest/Ot

6547 M Improper Attract/Feed Wildlife

6548 M Rock Clmb/Rpl Unauth Plc/No Pt

6549 M Moor/Impede Dock/Wharf/Oth

6550 M Boating Access Area Viol

6551 M Alc Bev Spcl Act Park Perm Vio

6552 M Remove/Disturb/Etc Plant/Rock

6553 M Coll Plant/Animal/Minrl No Per

6554 M Unlawful Use Metal Detectors

6555 M Swim/Wade/Bathe Undesign Area

6556 M Public Nudity In Parks

6557 M Carry/Dep Glass/Metal Pk Beach

6558 M Dispose Hh/Bus Garbage Prk Cnt

6559 M Ent/Rem Pk Bef/Aft Hrs W/O Per

6560 M Bathe Animal/Wash Clothes Park

6561 M Drive Veh In Pk Not Des Veh Tr

6562 M Dr Unlic Veh/Mtr/Mn-Bike In Pk

6563 M Park In Undesignated Areas

6564 M Lev Veh Unatt>12 Hr/Ongt No Pt

6565 M Obstruct Traffic In A Park

6566 M Boat/Raft/Canoe In Swim Area

6567 M Launch Boat/Raft/Can Und Area

6568 M Part Ath Contest Undesig Area

6569 M Ride/Unload Horse Undesig Area

6570 M Fishing In Undesignated Areas

6571 M Fish W/O Paying Required Fees

6572 M Coll Live Spec Fish Bait In Pk

6573 M Set Fire Undesignated Place

6574 M Set Fire When Proh By Park Emp

6575 M Fail Tend Fire Designated Plac

6576 M Prod Noise/Mus/Etc Ann/Dist Pk

6577 M Poss/Cons/Sale Alc Bev In Park

6578 M Poss/Cons/Sale Cont Sub Park

6579 M Being Intoxicated In A Park

6580 M All Animal Swim/Bath/Rest/Cab

6581 M All Animal Unatt/Unleash Park

6582 M All Animal Out Veh/Tent 9P-7A

6583 M Engage Comm Ent In Pk No Perm

6584 M Take Photo Comm In Pk No Perm

6585 M Erect/Post Not/Adv Pk No Perm

6586 M Meet/Cerem/Speech Pk No Perm

6587 M Haras/Disturb Wildlife/Nest/Ot

6588 M Improper Attract/Feed Wildlife

6589 M Rock Clmb/Rpl Unauth Plc/No Pt

6590 M Moor/Impede Dock/Wharf/Oth

6591 M Boating Access Area Viol

6592 M Alc Bev Spcl Act Park Perm Vio

7101 M Conversion Of Military Prop.

7102 M Destruction Of Military Prop

7103 M Fail To Register Military Prop

7110 M Remove/Alter Id Number

7112 M Retail Unlawful Recordings

7199 Property Violation

7301 F Perjury - Rico

7399 Public Order Violation

8410 I City/Town Violation (I)

8499 I Local Ordinance(I)-Free Text

8501 I Traffic Control Device Viol

8502 T Parking Violation

8503 I Parking Violation

8504 M Noise Ordinance Violation

8505 M Loiter For Drug Activity

8506 M Urinate In Public

8507 M Beach Strand Violation

8508 M City/Town Violation (M)

8509 I Spinning Tires

8510 M Leash Law Violation

8511 M Screeching Tires

8512 M Littering Public/Priv Places

8514 M Littering Beer/Wine Container

8516 M Illegal Dumping

8517 M Fail Provide Proof Fare Pay

8518 M No City Dog Tag

8520 M Unlicensed Pawnbroker

8521 M Solicit Alms/Beg For Money

8522 M Peddle License Violation

8526 T No City Tags

8528 M Allow Dog Run At Large/Night

8529 M Fail Provide Proof Proper Fare

8530 M Defrauding Taxi Driver

8532 M Selling Beer/Wine W/O License

8534 M Viol Of Fire Extinguisher Law

8535 M Curfew Violation

8536 M Loitering

8537 M Graffiti Viol

8538 M Obstruct Pedestrian Sidewalk

8540 M Trespass Or Sleep In Park Viol

8541 M Sleep In Public Place

8543 M Discharge Firearm In City

8544 M Possess Firearm On City Prop

8546 M Carelessness With Fire

8555 M Litter-Not>15Lb/27Cuft

8556 M Litter Beach-Not>15Lb/27Cu Ft

8557 M Litter - 15-500Lb/27-100Cu Ft

8558 F Comm Litter-Any Quantity

8559 F Litter Quan>500Lb Or>100 Cuft

8560 F Littering Hazardous Waste

8561 M Littering-Not > 15 Lbs.

8562 M Littering 15 - 500 Lbs.

8563 F Littering > 500 Lbs.

8570 M Barking Dog

8572 M Blocking Fire Exit

8599 Local Ordinance-Free Text

8999 I Infraction Violation

9901 F Extradition/Fugitive Oth State

9902 F Habeas Corpus

9903 I Child Bicycle Safety Violation

9904 F Governors Warrant

9905 F Injury To Pregnant Woman(F)

9906 M Injury To Pregnant Woman(M)

9909 I Certificate Of Relief

9910 F Accessory After The Fact (F)

9911 M Accessory After The Fact (M)

9912 F Access. Before The Fact (R/81)

9914 F Felony Aid And Abet

9916 M Misdemeanor Aid And Abet

9918 F Felony Conspiracy

9919 M Misdemeanor Conspiracy

9920 F Continuing Criminal Enterprise

9921 F Habitual Breaking/Entering

9922 F Habitual Felon

9923 F Violent Habitual Felon

9924 F Corporate Malfeasance

9926 M Scalping Tickets

9927 F Fail Disclose Origin Recording

9928 M Simulation Of Court Processes

9930 M Willful Fail Discharge Duties

9940 M Unlawful Transport Copper

9941 F Unlawful Transp/Poss Copper-F

9942 M Unlawful Transp/Poss Copper-M

9943 F Secondary Metals Recyc Viol-F

9944 M Secondary Metals Recyc Viol-M

9945 F False Lien Filings

9946 F Simulation Of Court Processes

9953 T Provisional Civil Rev Dl (30)

9954 T Civil Revocation Dr Lic (10)

9955 T Civil Revocation Dr Lic (30)

9956 T Drive After Drink-Prov Lic

9958 T Aid And Abet DWI

9960 T Drive-Cons Malt Bev Pass Area

9962 T Speeding - School Zone

9963 M Trespass/Impede School Bus

9964 T Exceeding Posted Speed

9966 M Maintn Veh/Dwell/Place CS (M)

9968 F Maintn Veh/Dwell/Place CS (F)

9970 M Sell Cigart Pack Labl Etc Viol

9974 M Possession Of Pyrotechnics

9975 M Sale Pyrotechnics To < 16 Yr

9976 M No Fire Extinguisher Mtr Boat

9977 M Notary No Know/Evid Identity

9978 M Operate Boat Reckless Manner

9979 M Campaign Contribution Viol

9980 T Covering/Disguising Reg Plate

9984 T Improper Use Of Dealer Permit

9999 Other Violation