Black owned law firm in North Carolina practicing criminal defense

A Black owned law firm with proven criminal defense lawyers in North Carolina. Our North Carolina based attorneys have a record of results in both state and federal courts. We help people facing a wide range of serious charges, including:

  • State and federal drug charges

  • DWI/DUI/alcohol-related crimes

  • Violent offenses, including domestic violence, assault and homicide

  • State and federal weapons charges

  • RICO/racketeering and other white collar charges

  • Sexual assault and other sex offenses

We also assist people going through the North Carolina's state, county, and municipal court systems, as well as those seeking post-conviction relief such as record sealing and expungement.

Drug Charges

DWI and Alcohol Related Crimes

Violent Offenses


Drug Possession

Weapon Charges


Licensing agreements

Sexual Assault

Traffic Tickets


Charlotte Criminal Trial Lawyers

Seward Tran LLP takes pride in our team of criminal defense trial lawyers in Charlotte who have tremendous experience in district and superior court. If you are facing serious charges in Charlotte, NC and surrounding counties of Mecklenburg, Iredell, Gaston, and Cabarrus counties, our trial lawyers will fight aggressively for your rights.  

Almost no one expects to go to criminal trial, including most criminal defense attorneys. Trial is a process that shakes the foundation of almost every lawyer and that is why plea deals are so prominent. The government attorneys are typically at an advantage because most criminal defense attorneys do not want to go to trail.

Most people that receive criminal charges are rarely advised to go to trial whether they are guilty or innocence. In most cases, lawyers will advocate for a plea deal if they cannot get the charges dismissed in their entirety. This is because trials can be long and can expose a lawyer as a novice.

Seward Tran criminal defense team is not scared to go to trial, even for murder in the first degree.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Darlene Harris and the other attorneys at Seward Tran LLP are trial lawyers that have success in District and Superior Court in North Carolina. Charges ranging from DUI to Murder in the first degree can be fought out in front of a panel that consists of members of the community.

In criminal defense cases, it is not unusual for prosecutors from the county and municipalities to stack charges in an attempt to dissuade the defendant from going to trial. Seward Tran criminal defense lawyers are not dissuaded and can dissect each element of the prosecution's charges.  The prosecutors also try this tactic to make sure that one of the charges becomes viable. Seward Tran criminal defense attorneys are not deterred by this tactic and vigorously move to get charges that do not make sense be dismissed.

Contact Seward Tran LLP immediately if you are considering going to trial.

About Seward Tran Criminal Trial Lawyers

Seward Tran LLP is a criminal defense law firm that will absolutely go to trial for our clients. Seward Tran is one of the premier black owned law firms in the State of North Carolina. Criminal defense lawyer, Darlene Harris, Esq. is known for her eagerness to advocate high profile cases and is featured many times in local news outlets.