Sports and Entertainment law firm North Carolina

Seward Tran LLP is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based full-service entertainment law firm with offices in Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH and Greenville, NC. Our law firm is client driven and our team is well versed on the specific needs of artists,  record labels, production studios, performers, and entertainment professionals all over the world. We also advocate for entertainment business professionals seeking employment and investment based visa solutions.  For exceptional service to the industry, we have attorneys and staff with fluency in French, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Polish languages. Other languages are easily accommodated upon request.

We help clients with a range of Entertainment issues, including:

  • Entity Formation

  • Intellectual Property Formation (Trademarks & Copyrights)

  • Production Agreements

  • Contract Review

  • Partnerships, Joint-Ventures, Collaborations

  • Recording Agreements

  • Publishing Agreements

  • Management Contracts

  • Agency Contracts

  • Clearances and Placements

  • Advertising and Sponsorships

  • Touring

  • Merchandise and Licensing

  • Privacy Protection

Industries Served

  • Music Recording

  • Motion Pictures

  • TV and Shorts

  • Music Performance

  • Festivals and Promoters

  • Socialites and Industry Insiders

  • Event Promoters

  • Sports Leagues

  • Media Companies

  • Public Relations

  • More