If you live in North Carolina and have been convicted of a crime, had a charge against you dismissed or were arrested for any crime you might be eligible for an expungement. Having a criminal record will prevent you from the ability to get a job, housing, participate in school events and affect your day to day life. Certain crimes including certain drug crimes, weapons charges and underage drinking are eligible for an expungement.  

What is an expungement? An expungement allows a criminal offense to be removed from your record and will make it unlikely that appears on a background check. There are certain limitations on who can receive an expungement and when. If your case was dismissed, you are immediately eligible. If you were convicted of a felony you typically must wait ten years before you can request an expungement. For most misdemeanor cases you must wait two to five years before you are eligible. 

The expungement process can usually take up to a year. An expungement costs from $0 - $175 depending on what county you were charged. The cost will depend on the result of your case. The good news is that if your case was dismissed your were found not guilty you could potentially get an expungement for free. You must file the expungement in the county where you wee charged with the crime.

We are a Charlotte, NC criminal defense firm. Our attorneys specialize in drug trafficking, drug distribution, drug possession and weapons cases including Mecklenburg arrests for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and other prohibited substances. We are knowledgeable of drug laws in Mecklenburg county for both District and Superior Court. We can help you fight your case and later help determine whether your drug offense or any other offense is eligible for an expungement.