List of North Carolina Criminal Offenses

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Code Offense Type Offense Desc

1334 F Awdw Emergency Person

1344 F Awdw Intent To Kill

1346 F Awdw Serious Injury

1348 F Awdwikisi

1356 F Awdw Government Official

1359 F Aslt Firearm/Dw Comp/Camp Pol

1375 F Assault Natl Guard W/Firearm

1379 F Assault Detent Emp W/Firearm

1394 F Assault Leo/Po/Other W Firearm

1396 F Assault Emerg Prsnl Ibi/Wdw

1397 F Assault Emerg Prsnl Firearm

3302 F Attempt Poss Mdpv-Felony

3303 F Possess Mdpv-Felony

3304 F Sell Mdpv

3305 F Conspire To Sell Mdpv

3306 F Deliver Mdpv

3307 F Conspire To Deliver Mdpv

3308 F Manufacture Mdpv

3309 F Pwisd Mdpv

3310 F Pwimsd Mdpv

3311 F Trafficking Mdpv

3312 F Conspire Traffic In Mdpv

3313 F Possess Mephedrone

3314 F Attempt Possess Mephedrone

3315 F Sell Mephedrone

3316 F Conspire To Sell Mephedrone

3317 F Deliver Mephedrone

3318 F Conspire Deliver Mephedrone

3319 F Manufacture Mephedrone

3320 F Pwisd Mephedrone

3321 F Pwimsd Mephedrone

3322 F Trafficking Mephedrone

3323 F Consp Traffic In Mephedrone

3324 F Fel Poss Synthetic Cannabinoid

3327 F Att Poss Synth Cannabinoid-F

3330 F Sell Synth Cannabinoid

3331 F Consp Sell Synth Cannabinoid

3332 F Deliver Synth Cannabinoid

3333 F Consp Del Synth Cannabinoid

3334 F Manuf Synth Cannabinoid

3335 F Pwisd Synth Cannabinoid

3336 F Pwimsd Synth Cannabinoid

3337 F Traffic Synth Cannabinoid

3338 F Consp Traf Synth Cannabinoid

3339 F Sell/Deliver Mdpv

3340 F Conspire To Sell/Deliver Mdpv

3341 F Sell/Deliver Mephedrone

3342 F Consp Sell/Deliver Mephedrone

3343 F Sell/Del Synth Cannabinoid

3344 F Consp Sell/Del Synth Cannabin

3345 F Obt CS Prescrip Misrep/Withhld





3350 F Trafficking Subst Cathinones

3351 F Consp Traff Subst Cathinones

3352 F Embezzle/Divert Cs Reg/Emp

3353 F Dilute/Substitute Cs Reg/Emp

3354 F Embezz/Divert Cs Non-Reg/Emp

3355 F Dilute/Subst Cs Non-Reg/Emp

3402 F Sell/Deliver Sch I CS

3403 F Sell/Deliver Sch II CS

3404 F Sell/Deliver Sch III CS

3405 F Poss CS W/In 300 Ft Of School

3406 F Sell/Deliver Sch IV CS

3407 F Sell/Deliver Sch V CS

3408 F Sell/Deliver Sch VI CS

3409 F Poss CS Prison/Jail Premises

3410 F S/D CS W/In 300 Ft Of School

3411 F Trafficking In Amphetamine

3412 F Traffick In Amphetamine/Meth

3413 F Trafficking In Lsd

3414 F Conspire Traffic Amphetamine

3415 F Conspire Traffic Methamphetami

3416 F Conspire Traffic Lsd

3417 F Pwimsd Mda/Mdma

3418 F Trafficking In Mda/Mdma

3419 F Conspire Traffic Mda/Mdma

3420 F Seizure/Forfeiture Of Vehicle

3421 F Sell/Deliver Marijuana

3422 F Consp Sell/Deliver Marijuana

3423 F CS Hire/Use Minor>13 Def 18<21

3424 F CS Hire/Use Minor<=13 Def18<21

3425 F CS Hire/Use Minor >13 Def >=21

3426 F CS Hire/Use Minor<=13 Def>=21

3427 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch I CS

3428 F Promote Drug Sales By A Minor

3429 F Particip In Drug Viol By Minor

3430 F Embezzle CS By Employee Of Reg

3431 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch II CS

3432 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch III CS

3433 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch IV CS

3434 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch V CS

3435 F Sell/Deliver Cocaine

3436 F Conspire Sell/Deliver Cocaine

3437 F Sell/Deliver Heroin

3438 F Conspire Sell/Deliver Heroin

3439 F Consp Sell/Deliver Sch VI CS

3440 F Sell Marijuana

3441 F Sell Cocaine

3442 F Sell Heroin

3443 F Sell Lsd

3444 F Sell Sch I CS

3445 F Sell Sch II CS

3446 F Sell Sch III CS

3447 F Sell Sch IV CS

3448 F Sell Sch V CS

3449 F Sell Sch VI CS

3450 F Sell/Deliver Lsd

3451 F Conspire Sell/Deliver Lsd

3452 F Attempted Possession Cocaine

3453 F Manufacture Methamphetamine

3454 F Poss/Distribute Meth Precursor

3455 F Deliver Marijuana

3456 F Deliver Cocaine

3457 F Deliver Heroin

3458 F Deliver LSD

3459 F Deliver Sch I CS

3460 F Deliver Sch II CS

3461 F Deliver Sch III CS

3462 F Deliver Sch IV CS

3463 F Deliver Sch V CS

3464 F Deliver Sch VI CS

3465 F Possess Methamphetamine

3466 F Sell Methamphetamine

3467 F Deliver Methamphetamine

3468 F Conspire Sell Methamphetamine

3469 F Conspire Deliver Meth

3471 F Pwimsd Methamphetamine

3474 F Exceed Pseudo Limits 3+ Off

3475 F Sell Or Deliv CS Minor >13-<16

3476 F Sell Or Deliv CS Minor <=13

3477 F M/S/D/P CS On/Near Playground

3478 F M/S/D/P CS At Child Care Ctr

3479 F Poss/Dist Precursor Chemical

3480 F Conspire Sell Marij

3481 F Conspire Sell Cocaine

3482 F Conspire Sell Heroin

3483 F Conspire Sell Lsd

3484 F Conspire Sell Sch I CS

3485 F Conspire Sell Sch VI CS

3486 F Contaminate Food/Drink W/CS

3487 F M/S/D/P CS W/N 1000Ft School

3488 F M/S/D/P CS At Child Care Ctr

3489 F M/S/D/P CS W/N 1000Ft Of Park

3490 F Conspire Deliver Marij

3491 F Conspire Deliver Cocaine

3492 F Conspire Deliver Heroin

3493 F Conspire Deliver Lsd

3494 F Conspire Deliver Sch I CS

3495 F Conspire Deliver Sch VI CS

3496 F Traffick In Methamphetamine

3497 F Traffick In Amphetamine

3498 F Poss Pseudo/Prior Meth Conv

3501 F Manufacture Sch I CS

3502 F Manufacture Sch II CS

3503 F Manufacture Sch III CS

3504 F Manufacture Sch IV CS

3505 F Manufacture Sch V CS

3506 F Manufacture Sch VI CS

3507 F Create Counterfeit CS

3508 F Sell Or Deliver Sch I CS

3509 F Sell Or Deliver Sch II CS

3510 F Sell Or Deliver Sch III CS

3511 F Sell Or Deliver Sch IV CS

3512 F Sell Or Deliver Sch V CS

3513 F Sell Or Deliver Sch VI CS

3514 F Sell Or Deliver Counterfeit CS

3515 F Pwimsd Sch I CS

3516 F Pwimsd Sch II CS

3517 F Pwimsd Sch III CS

3518 F Pwimsd Sch IV CS

3519 F Pwimsd Sch V CS

3520 F Pwimsd Sch VI CS

3521 F Pwisd Counterfeit CS

3522 F Felony Possession Sch I CS

3523 F Felony Possession Sch II CS

3524 F Felony Possession Sch III CS

3525 F Felony Possession Sch IV CS

3526 F Felony Possession Sch V CS

3527 F Felony Possession Sch Vi CS

3528 F Trafficking In Marijuana

3529 F Trafficking In Methaqualone

3530 F Trafficking In Cocaine

3531 F Trafficking, Opium Or Heroin

3532 F Conspire To Traffic In Marij

3533 F Conspire Traffic Methaqualone

3534 F Conspire To Traffic In Cocaine

3535 F Conspire Traffic Opium/Heroin

3541 F Manufacture Marijuana

3542 F Sell Or Deliver Marijuana

3543 F Sell Marijuana

3544 F Pwisd Marijuana

3545 F Pwimsd Marijuana

3546 F P/W/I/M Marijuana

3547 F P/W/I/S Marijuana

3548 F P/W/I/D Marijuana

3549 F Felony Possession Marijuana

3551 F Conspire Sell Or Deliver Marij

3552 F Manufacture Cocaine

3553 F Sell Or Deliver Cocaine

3554 F Sell Cocaine

3555 F Pwisd Cocaine

3556 F Pwimsd Cocaine

3557 F P/W/I/M Cocaine

3558 F P/W/I/S Cocaine

3559 F P/W/I/D Cocaine

3560 F Felony Possession Of Cocaine

3562 F Consp Sell Or Deliver Cocaine

3563 F Sell Or Deliver Heroin

3564 F Sell Heroin

3565 F Pwimsd Heroin

3566 F P/W/I/S Heroin

3567 F P/W/I/D Heroin

3568 F Possess Heroin

3569 F Consp Sell Or Deliver Heroin

3570 F Sell/Deliv Hashish

3571 F Sell Hashish

3572 F P/W/I/S/D Hashish

3573 F P/W/I/S Hashish

3574 F P/W/I/D Hashish

3575 F Possess Hashish

3577 F Consp Sell Or Deliv Sch Vi CS

3578 F Sell Or Deliver Lsd

3579 F Possession Of Lsd

3580 F Conspire Sell Or Deliver Lsd

3581 F Poss Methaqualone/Quaalude

3583 F P/W/S/D Methaqualone/Quaalude

3584 F Consp Sell Or Deliver Sch I CS

3589 F S/D Of CS

3591 F Mfg/Create CS

3593 F CS - P/W/I/S/M Etc

3594 F Sell Or Deliv CS To Child < 16

3595 F Sim Pos-CS-Sch II, III, IV

3596 F Sim Pos-CS-Sch VI

3597 F Providing Drugs To Inmate

3598 F Growing Marijuana

5206 F Sell/Give Handgun To Minor

5207 F Damage Occupied Prop Explosive

5208 F Malicious Use Of Explosive

5209 F Use Explosive Device Church

5210 F Purch Firearm Viol Dom Order

5211 F Alter/Remove Gun Serial Number

5212 F Pos/Sell/Buy Alt Gun Serial No

5215 F Malicious Use Explosv Injury

5216 F Malicious Use Explosv Damg Prp

5217 F Discharge Firearm Encl Fear

5218 F Dis Weap Occ Dwell/Moving Veh

5219 F Dis Weap Occ Prop Ser Bod Inj

5220 F Discharge Weapon Occupied Prop

5223 F Possession Of Machine Gun (F)

5224 F Possession Of Firearm By Felon

5227 F Possess Weapon By Prisoner (F)

5229 F Shooting/Throwing At Train (F)


5232 F Possess Weapon Mass Destruct

5233 F Discharge Firearm On Educ Prop

5234 F Weapons On Educ Prop/Aid (F)

5236 F Gun Etc On Educ Prop

5237 F Gun Etc On Educ Prop Aid Minor

5238 F Explosive On Educ Prop

5239 F Explosve On Educ Prop Aid Minr

5242 F Carrying Concealed Gun(F)

5247 F M/P/S Nuc/Bio/Chem Weapon

5248 F Unlawful Use Nuc/Bio/Chem Weap

5249 F False Report Nuc/Bio/Chem Weap

5250 F Perp Hoax Nuc/Bio/Chem Weapon

5256 F Armed Habitual Felon

0910 F Murder Of An Unborn Child

0915 F Vol Manslaughter Unborn Child

0916 F Inv Manslaughter Unborn Child

0920 F Voluntary Manslaughter

0922 F Involuntary Manslaughter

0930 F Murder

0935 F First Degree Murder

0940 F Second Degree Murder

0941 F Attempted Second Degree Murder

0942 F Second Deg Murder W/O Regard

0943 F Second Deg Murder Dist Drug

0944 F Second Degree Murder

0945 F Solicitation To Commit Murder

0950 F Attempted Murder

0951 F Attempted First Degree Murder

0955 F Solicitation To Commit Murder

0956 F Conceal/Fail Report A Death

0957 M A&A Conceal/Fail Report Death

0958 F Disturb Human Remains

0960 F Destroy Remains Conceal Death

0961 F Dest Remains Conc Unnat Death

0962 F Concl/Fail Report Death Child

0999 Homicide Violation

1020 F Kidnapping

1022 F Abduction Of Married Woman

1023 F Abduction Of Children

1024 F Conspiring To Abduct Children

1026 F First Degree Kidnapping

1028 F Second Degree Kidnapping

1030 F Felonious Restraint

1031 F Taking Hostage By Prisoner

1032 F Attempted Kidnapping

1040 M False Imprisonment

1099 Kidnapping Violation

1103 F First Degree Rape

1104 F First Degree Forcible Rape

1105 F Second Degree Forcible Rape

1106 F Second Degree Force Sex Off

1107 F Statutory Rape Of Child <= 15

1109 F Statutory Rape Of Child <= 15

1110 F First Degree Statutory Rape

1111 F First Degree Statutory Sex Off

1112 F Stat Sex Off With Child <= 15

1113 F Stat Sex Off With Child <= 15

1115 F Indecent Liberties Student

1116 F First Degree Sex Offense Child

1117 F Indecent Liberties Student (F)

1118 F Indecent Liberties With Child

1119 M Indecent Liberties Student (M)

1120 F First Degree Rape Child

1121 F Sex Act With A Student

1122 F Second Degree Rape

1123 F Attempt Sex Act With A Student

1124 F Second Degree Sexual Offense

1125 F Attempt 1st Degree Rape

1126 F Attempt 1st Degree Sex Offense

1127 F Atmpt 1St Degree Forcible Rape

1128 F Attempt Second Degree Rape

1129 F Atmpt 1St Degree Force Sex Off

1130 F Attempt 2nd Degree Sex Offense

1131 F First Degree Force Sex Offense

1132 F First Degree Sexual Offense

1133 F Sex Act: Sub Parent/Custodian

1134 F Sex Offense - Parental Role

1135 F Sex Act-Gov/Priv Inst Employee

1136 F Sex Offense Institution

1137 F Stat Rape/Sex Offn Def >=6Yr

1138 F Statutory Sexual Offense

1139 F Stat Rape/Sex Offn Def>4-<6Yr

1140 F Att Sex Offense-Parental Role

1141 F Sex Offense Student (F)

1142 F Attempt 1st Degree Rape

1143 F Attempt Sex Offense Studnt (F)

1144 F Attempt 1st Degree Sex Offense

1145 M Sex Offense Student (M)

1146 F Attempt Second Degree Rape

1147 F Att Sex Act-Sub Par/Custodian

1148 F Attempt 2nd Degree Sex Offense

1149 M Sexual Battery

1150 F Human Trafficking Adult Victim

1151 F Human Trafficking Child Victim

1152 F Invol Servitude Adult Victim

1153 F Invol Servitude Child Victim

1154 F Sexual Servitude Adult Victim

1155 F Sexual Servitude Child Victim

1156 F Sexual Activity With A Student

1157 F Atmpt 2Nd Degree Forcible Rape

1158 F Atmpt 2Nd Degree Force Sex Off

1159 M Sexual Battery

1160 M Fail Register Sex Offender(M)

1161 F Fail Register Sex Offender(F)

1162 F Sex Offender Residence Viol

1163 F Sex Offender Employment Viol

1164 F Childcare In Sex Offender Home

1165 F Fail Rept Sex Offen Non-Comply

1166 F Fail Enroll Sex Offen Sbm Prog

1167 F Remove/Tamper Sex Offen Sbm

1168 F Fail Reprt New Address-Sex Off

1169 M Fail Provide Info/Comply Sbm

1170 F Interfere Elect Monitor Dev(F)

1171 M Interfere Elect Monitor Dev(M)

1172 F Solicit Elect Monitor Dev(F)

1173 M Solicit Elect Monitor Dev(M)

1199 Sexual Assault Violation

1202 F Att Robbery-Dangerous Weapon

1220 F Common Law Robbery

1221 F Consp Robbery Dangrs Weapon

1222 F Robbery With Dangerous Weapon

1224 F Safecracking

1226 F Attempted Common Law Robbery

1228 F Consp Armed Robbery Bus/Pers

1299 Robbery Violation

1301 M Assault Handicapped Person

1302 F Awdwikisi Handicapped Person

1303 F Awdwisi On Handicapped Person

1304 F Awdwik On Handicapped Person

1305 F Felony Assault On Handicapped

1306 F Patient Abuse And Neglect(F)

1307 M Patient Abuse And Neglect (M)

1308 F Malicious Conduct By Prisoner

1309 I Criminal Use Of Laser Device

1310 M Assault Indiv W/Disability

1311 F Fel Assault Indiv W/Disab

1312 F Mal Conduct By Prisoner/Throw

1313 F Mal Conduct By Pris/Expose

1315 F Assault Isbi Unborn Child

1316 M Battery Of Unborn Child

1318 M Assault School Empl/Volunt

1320 M Assault Attempt Serious Injury

1321 M Assault - Serious Injury

1322 M Assault By Pointing A Gun

1323 F Assault By Strangulation

1324 F Malicious Assault In Secret

1325 F Assault Serious Bodily Injury

1326 M Assault Inflict Serious Injury

1327 M Assault - Deadly Weapon

1328 M Assault On A Child Under 12

1329 M Assault Public Transit Operatr

1330 M Assault On A Female

1331 M Assault Co/Campus Police Ofcr

1332 M Assault On Emergency Personnel

1333 M Assault On Dss Worker

1335 F Assault On Emergency Personnel

1336 M Assault And Battery

1337 F Assault Phy Inj Emergency Prsn

1338 M Assault On Law Officer

1339 F Assault Phy Inj Le/Prob/Par Of

1340 M Assault With A Deadly Weapon

1341 F Assault Phy Inj Detention Emp

1342 F Awdw On Officer

1343 F Assault Phys Inj Natl Guard

1349 M Aslt Att Ser Inj Minor Present

1350 M Aslt Inf Ser Inj Minor Present

1351 M Awdw Minor Present

1352 M Assault On Court Officer

1353 M Assault On School Teacher

1354 M Assault/Affray

1355 M Assault On A Govt Official

1357 M Simple Affray

1358 M Assault - Sports Official

1360 F Malicious Castration

1361 F Assault Leo/Po Ser Inj

1362 F Castration Without Malice

1363 F Assault Natl Guard Ser Inj

1364 F Maiming Without Malice

1365 F Assault Detent Emp Ser Inj

1366 F Malicious Maiming

1368 M Simple Assault

1370 F Throwing Acid Or Alkali

1371 M Negligent Hunting

1372 F Adulterated Or Misbranded Food

1373 F Assault Leo/Po W/Firearm

1374 F Adltrt Or Misbrand To Extort

1376 M Abuse/Exploit Ch122C Patient

1377 F Exploit Disable/Elder Trust

1378 F Exploit Disable/Elder Capacity

1380 F Abuse Disable/Elder Ser Inj

1381 F Abuse Disable/Elder With Inj

1382 F Neglect Disable/Elder Ser Inj

1383 F Neglect Disable/Elder With Inj

1384 F Exploit Disable/Elder(F)

1385 M Exploit Disable/Elder(M)

1386 M Assault Attempt Serious Inj(M)

1387 M Assault Inflict Serious Inj(M)

1388 M Assault With A Deadly Weapon

1389 M Assault On A Female

1390 M Assault On A Child Under 12

1391 M Assault Govt Official/Emply

1392 M Assault School Bus Personnel

1393 F Habitual Misdemeanor Assault

1395 M Assault Emergency Prsnl(M)

1398 F Assault Leo/Po/Other Ser Injry

1399 Assault Violation

2020 F Arson

2021 F Burning Of A School House

2022 F Burning Bldg Under Construct

2023 F Burning Certain Buildings

2024 F Attempt To Burn Bldg Or Boat

2025 F Burn Occupied Building

2026 F Fraudulently Burning Dwelling

2027 F First Degree Arson

2028 F Second Degree Arson

2029 F Burn Certain Public Buildings

2030 F Burning Personal Property

2032 F Burn Church/Religious Bldg

2099 Arson Violation

2110 F Extortion

2112 M Blackmailing

2116 F Unlawful Obtaining Credit Card

2151 F Discharge Firearm Enclosure

2152 F Pattern Gang Activity

2153 F Pattern Gang Activity-Leader

2154 F Gang Activity/Acquire Property

2155 F Solicit Gang Activity

2156 F Solicit Gang Activity-Minor

2157 F Threat Deter Gang Withdrawal

2158 F Threat Punish Gang Withdrawal

2160 T Obtain Dr Lic By Fraud

2161 T Obtain Comm Dr Lic By Fraud





2199 Extort/Gang Violation

2205 F Break/Enter Terrorize/Injure

2206 F Possession Of Burglary Tools

2208 F Att Break Or Enter Bldg (F)

2209 M Att Break Or Enter Bldg (M)

2210 F Breaking/Entering And Larceny

2211 F Breaking/Entering And Larceny

2212 F Breaking And Or Entering (F)

2213 F Consp B&E Bldg-Felony/Larceny

2214 M Breaking Or Entering (M)

2215 F Attempt To Break Or Enter (F)

2216 F Break Or Enter A Motor Vehicle

2217 F Break Coin/Currency Mach (F)

2218 M Break Coin/Currency Mach (M)

2219 M Damage Coin/Currency Machine

2220 F Break/Enter Railroad Car

2221 M Attempt Break/Enter Motor Veh

2222 F Break/Enter Trailer/Aircraft

2223 F Break/Enter Boat

2224 F Burglary With Explosives

2225 F Break/Enter Place Of Worship

2226 F First Degree Burglary

2228 F Second Degree Burglary

2230 M Wrongfully Break/Enter A Bldg

2231 M Reconnect Utility - M

2232 M Attempt To Break And Enter (M)

2234 F Reconnect Utility 2Nd/Sub Off

2235 F Reconnect Utility Cause Death

2236 F Reconnect Utility Sig Prop Dam

2240 F Attempt First Degree Burglary

2299 Burglary Violation

2301 F Felony Conversion

2302 M Misdemeanor Conversion






2316 F Habitual Larceny

2317 F Lar Remove/Dest/Dea Ct Compo

2318 M Aid & Abet Larceny (M)

2319 F Aid & Abet Larceny (F)

2320 F Fel Larceny - >$400

2321 F Felony Larceny

2322 M Misdemeanor Larceny

2323 F Aid And Abet Armed Robbery

2324 F Larceny By Trick

2325 F Larceny Of A Firearm

2326 M Larceny By Trick

2327 F Attempted Larceny (F)

2328 M Larceny - Remarking Goods

2329 F Organized Retail Theft

2330 M Larceny By Changing Price Tag

2331 F Larceny Of Chose In Action

2332 M Larceny - Tag Transfer

2333 F Larceny By Anti-Invntry Device

2334 F Larceny By Employee

2335 F Larceny By Empl >=$100,000

2336 F Larceny From The Person

2337 F Possess Stolen Firearm

2338 F Possess Stolen Motor Vehicle

2339 M Receive Stolen Goods/Prop (M)

2340 F Receive Stolen Goods/Prop (F)

2341 F Poss Stolen Goods/Prop (F)

2342 M Shoplifting Concealment Goods

2343 M Poss Stolen Goods/Prop (M)

2344 M Larceny Of Horse, Swine, Etc.

2345 F Larceny Of Horse/Swine/Cattle

2346 M Larceny Of Public Record

2347 F Poss/Rcv Stolen Prop Cert Fel

2348 F Larceny Of Secret Process

2349 F Larceny Motor Vehicle Parts

2350 M Larceny Of Will

2351 M Take Horse/Mule/Dog Temp Purp

2352 M Larceny Of Dog

2353 M Attempted Larceny (M)

2354 M Theft Of Cable Tv Service

2356 F Larceny After Break/Enter

2358 M Unauth Take/Sale Dairy Case

2360 F Larceny Of Dog

2361 F Larceny From Construction Site

2362 F Pos/Rec Stolen Prop Const Site

2363 F Larceny Of Pine Straw

2364 F Larceny Defeat Anti-Theft Dev

2365 F Conspire Commit Fel Larceny

2385 F Alter/Dest/Etc Stolen Mv/Part

2386 F Permit Place Used Chop Shop

2387 F Pur/Sell/Etc Mv/Part Alt Id

2388 F Purch/Disp/Etc Mv/Part Chop Sh

2390 M Unauthorized Use Of Motor Veh

2391 F Larceny Of Motor Vehicle (F)

2392 M Larceny Of Motor Vehicle (M)

2393 M Larceny Of Motor Fuel

2394 I Semitrailer Ownr Viol <50 Ft

2395 I Semitrailer Ownr Viol >=50 Ft

2396 T Semitrailer Drivr Viol <50 Ft

2397 T Semitrailer Drivr Viol >=50 Ft

2399 Larceny Violation

2404 M Unauthorized Use Of Motor Veh

2406 F Larceny Of Motor Vehicle

2408 M Larceny Of Motor Vehicle

2499 Stolen Vehicle Violation

2503 F Counterfeiting Coin

2505 F Uttering Counterfeit Coin

2508 M Possess Counterfeiting Tools

2509 F Poss 5+ Counterfeit Instrument

2510 M Common Law Forgery (M)

2511 F Common Law Forgery (F)

2512 F Common Law Uttering (F)

2513 M Common Law Uttering (M)

2514 F Aid & Abet Forgery

2520 F Forgery Of Instrument

2522 F Forgery And Uttering

2524 F Uttering Forged Instrument

2525 M Attempted Uttering

2526 F Attempted Uttering

2527 F Uttering Forged Endorsement

2528 F Forgery Of Endorsement

2529 F Attempted Uttering

2540 F Forgery Of Deeds Or Wills

2542 F Forgery

2599 Forgery Violation

2601 F Buy/Sell/Distrib Food Stamps

2602 M Illeg Poss/Use Food Stamps(M)

2603 F Insurance Fraud

2604 F Illeg Poss/Use Food Stamps(F)

2605 M Financial Card Fraud (M)

2606 M Worthless Check

2607 M Esc Law Fraud Viol

2608 M Giving False Info To Esc

2609 M No Report To Esc

2610 M Worthless Check No Account

2611 M Obtain Property Worthless Chk

2612 F Financial Card Theft

2613 M Food Stamp Fraud (M)

2614 F Financial Card Forgery

2615 F Food Stamp Fraud (F)

2616 F Financial Card Fraud (F)

2617 M Public Assistance Fraud (M)

2618 M Defrauding Innkeeper

2619 F Public Assistance Fraud (F)

2620 M Hiring With Intent To Defraud

2621 F Medical Provider Fraud

2622 M Interfere With Utility Meter

2623 M Unlawful Telephone Tap

2624 M Diverting Utility Use

2625 M False Telephone Credit

2626 M Fail To Work After Paid

2627 M Credit Vio W/O Auth Of Issuee

2628 M False Hotel Registration

2629 F Credit Vio W/O Auth Of Issuee

2630 M Credit Viol After Credit Rev

2631 F Att Obtain Prop False Pretense

2632 F Obtain Property False Pretense

2633 F Obt Prop False Pret >=$100,000

2634 T Fraudulent License Permit

2635 F Identity Theft

2636 M Fraud Disposal Mortgage Prop

2637 F Trafficking Stolen Identities

2638 F Unlawful Obtaining Credit Card

2639 M Unlawfully Obtain Credit Card

2640 F Alter/Steal/Dest Criminal Evid

2641 F Alter Court Documents

2642 F Card Theft W/Scanning Device

2643 M Accessing Computers (M)

2644 M False Advertising

2645 F Damaging Computers(F)

2646 M Fail To Return Rental Property

2647 M Damaging Computers(M)

2648 F Fraudulent Insurance Claim

2649 M Fail Retn Prop Rentd Pur Opt

2650 M Obtain Property Worthless Chk

2651 F Accessing Computers (F)

2652 M Computer Trespass (M)

2653 F Computer Trespass (F)

2654 M Secreting Lien Property

2655 M Worthless Check Closed Account

2656 M Worthless Chk 4Th Sub Offense

2657 M Obtain CS By Fraud/Forgery (M)

2658 F Obtain CS By Fraud/Forgery (F)

2659 M Obt/Att Obt Alc Others Id

2660 M Obt/Att Obt Alc False Id

2661 M Obt/Att Obt Alc Other Dl

2662 M Obt/Att Obt Alc False Dl

2663 M Misrep To Obtain Esc Benefit-M

2664 M Misrep To Prevent Esc Benefit

2665 M Empl Sec Law Violation

2666 M Simple Worthless Check

2667 M Fail/Refuse File Esc Tax Rprt

2668 F Misrep To Obtain Esc Benefit-F

2670 F Felony Worthless Check

2671 M Obt/Att Obt Alc Other Form Id

2672 F False Foreign Vendor Certifica

2673 F False Vendor Certification

2674 M Childcare Subsidy Fraud=<$1000

2675 F Childcare Subsidy Fraud>$1000

2676 F Fail Return Hired Mv >$4000

2677 M Med Assist Receipient Fraud-M

2678 F Med Assist Receipient Fraud-F

2680 F Check Cashing Without License

2681 F Securities Fraud/Violation

2682 M Poss/Manufacture Fraudulent Id

2683 M Obtain Id Using False Info

2684 M Allow Use Of Id/Lic To Buy Alc

2685 F Bail Bndsmn Fail Ret Sec>$1500

2686 F A&A Obtain Prop False Pretense

2687 F Consp Obtain Prop False Pret

2688 M Att Obtain CS Forgery/Fraud(M)

2689 F Att Obtain CS Forgery/Fraud(F)

2690 F Defraud/Obt Mny/Prop Med Ast

2691 F Consp Def/Obt Mny/Prop Med Ast



2694 F Mortgage Svc W/O License

2695 F Access Govt Computers Defaud

2696 F Counterfeit Trademark Fel

2699 Fraud Violation

2704 F Embezzlement Of State Property

2705 F Embez State Prop >=$100,000

2710 F Embezzlement By Fiduciary

2714 F Embezzlement Railroad Officer

2715 F Embezzlement Rr Off >=$100,000

2718 F Embezzlement

2719 F Embezzlement >=$100,000

2720 F Embezzlement - Insurance Agent

2722 F Embezzlement-Pub Off/Trustees

2723 F Embez Pub Off/Trst >=$100,000

2799 Embezzle Violation

2901 F Inj Prop Obt Nonferr Metal-F

2902 F Inj Prop Nonferr Metal>=10000

2903 F Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-Sb Inj

2904 F Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-Killed

2905 M Inj Prop Obt Nonferr Metal-M

2906 M Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-S Inj

2907 M Inj Prop Nonferr Metal-Infrast

2908 M Negligent And Careless Burning

2910 F Burning Personal Property

2911 I Burn Without Watchman

2912 M Injury To Personal Property

2914 T Tampering With Vehicle Parts

2915 M Disorderly Conduct Public Bldg

2916 M Defacing Public Building

2917 M Injure Building/Fence/Wall(M)

2918 F Injure Building/Fence/Wall(F)

2919 M Burn Without Watchman

2920 M Injury To Real Property

2922 T Tampering With Vehicle Steal

2924 T Tampering With Vehicle

2926 M Damage To Personal Property

2928 M Alter/Remove Nmv Serial Number

2930 M Poss/Sell/Buy Alt Nmv Ser No

2940 M Fail To Extinguish Fire

2941 M Fail To Extinguish Fire

2942 M Set Fire To Woods/Lands/Fields

2943 F Willful Injury Railroad Prop

2944 F Injuring Utility Wires/Fixture

2945 M Injury To Trees/Crops/Lands

2999 Damage Property Violation

3300 M Simple Poss Mdpv-Misd

3301 M Attempt Poss Mdpv-Misd

3325 M Synth Cannabinoid Poss<=7G

3326 M Synth Cannabinoid Poss>7-21G

3328 M Att Poss Synth Cannabin<=7G

3329 M Att Poss Synth Cannabin>7-21G

3400 M Possess Marij Paraphernalia

3401 M Possess Drug Paraphernalia

3470 M Poss Marij >1/2 To 1 1/2 Oz

3472 M Exceed Pseudo Limits

3473 M Exceed Pseudo Limits 2 Off

3500 M Poss Drug Paraphernalia

3536 M Simple Possess Sch II CS (M)

3537 M Simple Possess Sch III CS (M)

3538 M Simple Possess Sch IV CS (M)

3539 M Simple Possess Sch V CS (M)

3540 M Simple Possess Sch VI CS (M)

3550 M Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz

3561 M Simple Poss Cocaine

3576 M Simple Pos Hashish

3582 M Poss Methaqualone/Quaalude

3585 M Sim Pos-CS-Sch II, III, IV

3586 M Inhale Toxic Vapors

3587 M Sell Toxic Vapors Substance

3588 M Poss Toxic Vapors Substance

3590 M Sim Pos - CS - Sch IV

3592 M CS - Sch VI

3599 Dangerous Drugs Violation




3604 M Misdemeanor Incest

3605 M Indecent Exposure

3606 F Indec Exposure Def>=18 Vic<16

3607 F Felony Incest

3608 M Misd Disseminate Obscenity

3609 F Felony Disseminate Obscenity

3610 F First Deg Sex Exploit Minor

3611 F Second Deg Sex Exploit Minor

3612 F Third Deg Sex Exploit Minor

3615 M Display Material Harmful Minor

3616 M Dissem Mtrl/Perform Harmfl Min

3619 F Com/Att Sex Penet Human Remain

3620 F Crime Against Nature

3622 M Use Of Premises Indec Exposure

3624 M Fornication And Adultery

3625 F Solicit Child By Computer

3626 M Occupy Room Immoral Purposes

3628 F Att Crime Against Nature (F)

3630 M Att Crime Against Nature (M)

3631 F Incest Child < 13 Def >= 4

3632 F Incest Child 13/14/15 Def >= 6

3633 F Incest Child 13/14/15 Def> 4<6

3634 F Incest

3635 F Rape Of A Child

3636 F Sexual Offense With A Child

3637 F Sex Offender/Child Premises

3638 F Solicit By Computer/ Appear

3639 F Sex Offr Use Social Website

3640 F Stat Rape Of Child By Adult

3641 F Stat Sex Off W/Child By Adult

3699 Sex Offense Violation

3705 M Dissemination Of Obscenity

3706 F Dissemination Of Obscenity

3799 Obscenity Violation

3802 F Felony Child Abuse

3804 F Bigamy

3805 M Contributing Del Of Juvenile

3806 M Tobacco Vending Mach Sale Viol

3807 M Purchase/Recv Cig/Tobacco < 18

3808 M Sell/Dis Tobacco Prod To Minor

3809 I No Sign For Tobacco Sales < 18

3810 M IV-D Bastardy

3812 M Non IV-D Bastardy

3818 M Abandon/Non-Support Of Child

3820 M Inadeq Support Of Family(R/83)

3822 M School Attendance Law Viol

3824 M Illegitimate Child/Non-Support

3826 M Abandon Dependent Spouse

3827 M Non IV-D Nonsupport Spouse

3828 M Non-Support Dep Spouse/Child

3829 M Non-Support Of Child

3830 F Concealing Birth Of A Child

3832 M Exposing Children To Fire

3833 M Exhibition Of Certain Children

3834 M Misdemeanor Child Abuse

3835 F Int Child Abuse-Ser Phys Inj

3836 F Felony Child Abuse-Prostitutn

3837 F Felony Child Abuse -Sexual Act

3838 F Int Child Abuse-Ser Bod Inj

3840 F Felony Custody Order Violation

3841 F Neg Child Abuse-Ser Bod Inj

3842 F Neg Child Abuse-Ser Phys Inj

3843 F Fail Report Child Disappear-F

3844 M Fail Report Child Disappear-M

3854 M Nonsupport Spouse

3855 M Nonsupport Child

3856 F Abandon Child For 6 Months

3857 M Nonsupport Illegit Child

3858 F Non IV-D Abandon For 6 Months

3859 F IV-D Abandonment For 6 Months

3860 M IV-D Abandon/Non-Supp Of Child

3861 M IV-D Nonsupport Illegit Child

3862 M IV-D Non-Supp Dep Spouse/Child

3863 M IV-D Nonsupport Child

3864 M IV-D Nonsupport Spouse

3865 M Non-IV-D Aband/Non-Supp Child

3866 M Non IV-D Nonsupp Illegit Child

3867 M Non-IV-D Non Supp Spouse/Child

3868 M Non IV-D Nonsupport Of Child

3870 F Improper Entry Of Dv Shelter

3871 F Dvpo Viol Deadly Weapon

3872 M Dv Protective Order Viol (M)

3873 F Dv Protective Order Viol (F)

3874 F Child Care Adm Med/Ser Inj

3875 M Child Care Adm Med/No Ser Inj

3876 F Provide Child Care W/O License

3877 M Babysit By/Home Sex Ofndr

3878 F Babysit By/Home Sex Ofndr 2+

3880 M Fail/Prevent Juv Abuse Report

3881 M Fail Notify Sbi Juv Sex Abuse

3899 Family Violation

3901 M Selling Lottery Tickets

3902 M Sell/Buy Lottery Tix<18

3903 M Operate/Possess Slot Machine

3904 M Oper/Possess Gambling Devices

3905 M Manufacture/Sell Slot Mach (M)

3906 M Slot Machine Agreement (M)

3907 F Manufacture/Sell Slot Mach (F)

3908 F Slot Machine Agreement (F)

3915 M Operating A Lottery

3916 M Operate Video Gaming Machine

3917 F Oper Video Gaming Mach 2 Off

3918 F Oper Video Gaming Mach 3/Sub

3919 F Oper >=5 Video Gaming Mach

3920 M Oper/Poss New Video Game (M)

3921 F Oper/Poss New Video Game (F)

3922 F Operation >= 5 New Video Games

3923 M Oper/Poss Video Game Mchs (M)

3924 F Oper/Poss Video Game Machs (F)

3925 F Operation >= 5 Video Games

3926 M Other Video Game Mach Viol (M)

3927 F Other Video Game Mach Viol (F)

3928 F Other Viol >= 5 Video Mach

3929 I Play Video Game Mach < Age 18

3930 M Possession Of Lottery Tickets

3931 M Gambling

3932 M Allow Gambling In Public House

3933 M Allow Gaming Tables

3934 M Electronic Sweepstakes

3935 F Electronic Sweepstakes 2 Off

3936 F Electronic Sweepstakes 3/Sub

3999 Gambling Violation

4010 M Aid And Abet Prostitution

4011 M Prostitution

4012 M Prostitution

4013 M Solicit For Prostitution

4014 M Loitering For Prostitution

4015 M Maint Place For Prostitution

4016 M Transport For Prostitution

4018 M Solicit Crime Against Nature

4020 M Solicit Prostitution-M

4021 F Solicit Prostitution 2Nd/Sub

4022 F Solicit Prostitution Minor

4023 F Solicit Prostitution Mntl Disa

4024 M Patronize Prostitute Engage-M

4025 M Patronize Prostitute Engage-M

4026 F Patronize Prostitute Engage-F

4027 F Patronize Prostitute Engage-F

4028 F Patronize Prost Engage Minor

4029 F Patronize Prost Place Minor

4030 F Promote Prostitution-Advance

4031 F Promote Prostitution-Profits

4032 F Promote Prost-Advance Prior

4033 F Promote Prost-Profits Prior

4034 F Prom Prost Mnr/Mnt Disa Adv

4035 F Prom Prost Mnr/Mnt Disa Prof

4036 F Prom Prost Cnfine Mnr/Mnt Disa

4037 F Promote Prostitution Prior Cnv

4038 F Patronize Prost Engage Mntl Di

4039 F Patronize Prost Place Mntl Dis

4099 Commercial Sex Violation

4101 M Manufacture Liquor No Permit

4102 M Liquor, Illegal Sale/Possess.

4103 M Unsealed Wine/Liq In Pass Area

4104 M Possess Liquor For Sale

4105 T Trans Alc/Container Not Manu

4106 M Illegal Transport Alcohol Bev

4107 M Poss/Cons Beer/Wine Unaut Prem

4108 M Pos/Con F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv Unath Pr

4109 M Sell/Give Alc To Intox Person

4110 M Allow Illegal Consumption Alc

4111 I Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4112 M Poss/Tran/Sell Non-Tax Alc Bev

4113 I Att Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4114 I Poss/Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4115 M Pos Alcohol In State Park

4116 M Consume Alc By <19

4117 M Consume Alc By 19/20

4118 M Allow Con Mtbv/U-Wn Susp Perm

4119 M Pos Alcohol In State Park

4120 M Aid Underage Purchase Liquor

4121 M Aid Underage Purchase Beer

4122 M Aid Underage Pur Alc By < 21

4123 M Aid Underage Pur Alc By > 21

4124 M Transport Un-Fort Wine No Perm

4125 M Transport Frt Wine/Liq No Perm

4126 M Mail/Ship Alc Bev No Permit

4127 M Allow Con Mtbv/U-Wn Off Prem

4128 M Consume/Offer At Abc Store

4129 M Poss/Consume After Prohibited

4130 M Sell/Consume At Raffle/Bingo

4131 M Bring Alcohol Into State Viol

4132 M Poss/Cons Beer/Wine Public St

4133 M Transport>40 Lit Fort Wine/Liq

4134 M Poss/Con Beer/Wine Unauth Prem

4135 M Fail Display Permit Le Request

4136 M Display Alc Athletic Contest

4137 M Open Cnt Mbv/Unfwn Prop Cy/Cty

4138 M Possession Alcoholic Beverage

4139 M Con Mtbv/Un-Wn Off Prem Permit

4140 M Pur/Poss Beer/Wine Underage

4141 M Underage Aid/Abet Poss Alcohol

4142 M Pur/Poss Alcohol Underage

4144 F Manufacture Poisonous Liquor

4146 M Sale Of Cigarettes To Minors

4148 M Abc Law Violation

4149 F Ship Alcohol From Out State

4150 M Selling Beer/Wine To Minor

4152 M Selling Liquor To Underage

4155 M Poss/Sell Alc Bev No Permit

4156 M Con/Offer Wine - Pub Rd/Byway

4157 M Con/Offer Alc Bev Public Road

4158 M Con Mtbv/U-Wn Prem No Permit

4159 M Public Consumption

4160 M Sell/Cons Beer/Wine/Alc Aft Hr

4161 M Sell/Con Alc Bev After Hours

4162 M Sell/Give Malt /Wine To Minor

4163 M Sell/Give Alcohol Bev To Minor

4164 M Consume Beer/Wine Underage

4166 M Pur/Att Mtbv/U-Wn Not 19/20

4167 M Poss Mtbv/U-Wn Not 19/20

4168 M Pur/Att F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv < 21

4169 M Poss F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv < 21

4170 M Sell/Give Mtbv/U-Wn To < 21

4171 M Sell/Give F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv To < 21

4172 M Allow Con Mtbv/U-Wn No Permit

4173 M Poss/Sell Nontaxpaid Alc Bev

4174 M Transport Nontaxpaid Alc Bev

4175 M Drink Beer/Wine While Driving

4176 M Give Mtbv/U-Wn To <21

4177 M Give F-Wn/Lq/Mxbv To <21

4178 M Sell Maltbev/U-Wn To<21

4179 M Sell F-Wn/Lq/Mixbev To<21

4180 M Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4181 M Att Pur Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4182 M Poss Mtbv/U-Wn By 19/20

4183 M Consume Alc/Malt City/Co Prop

4184 M Open Container Alcohol Viol

4185 M Transport>Amt Fort Wine/Liq

4186 M Con Mbev/Unfwn Prop City/Cnty

4187 M Poss Mbev/Unfwn Prop Tmp Clsd

4188 M Transport In For-Hire Vehicle

4189 M Transport>100 Lit Unfort Wine



4195 M Intoxicated And Disruptive

4199 Liquor Violation

4210 M Intoxicated And Disruptive

4299 Public Intoxication - Free Tex

4301 I Speed Work Zn >80 Or>15 Over

4302 I Speed Work Zn<80 And <=15 Over

4401 I Impede Traffic By Slow Speed

4402 I Overtaken Veh Inc Speed(I)

4403 I Improper Passing On Right

4404 I Horn And Warning Device Vio

4405 I Flag Light End Of Load Viol

4406 I Follow/Pk Near Fire Trk-Rural

4407 I Mirror Violation

4408 I Follow/Pk Near Fire Trk-City

4409 I Soliciting From Highway

4410 I Unlawful Use Of Highways

4411 I Safety Zone/Sidewalks Viol

4412 I Drive Left Of Center

4413 I Improper Towing

4414 I Child Not In Rear Seat

4415 I Over Load Size/Length/ Vehicle

4416 I Improper Signal

4417 I Crossing Median

4418 I Improper Equip - Speedometer

4419 I Speed Less Than Posted Minimum

4420 I Twin/Semi Trailer Viol(I)

4421 I Tire Restrictions Equip Viol

4422 I Motorcycle Fail Burn Headlamp

4423 I Improper Steering Mechanism

4424 I Motorcycle Fail Burn Taillight

4425 I Improper Loading/Covering Veh

4426 I Directional Signals Equip Viol

4427 I Rear Lamps Violation

4428 I Windshield Wiper Equip Viol

4429 I Brake/Stop Light Equip Viol

4430 I Motorcycle/Moped Helmet Psgr

4431 I Fail To Yield From Private Drv

4432 I Failure To Yield

4433 I Drive Wrong Way On Dual Lane

4434 I Fail To Yield Left Turn

4435 I Additional Lighting Equip Viol

4436 I White Light Rear-Drive Forward

4437 I Marked Lane Violation

4438 I Traffic Control Device Viol

4439 I Improper Backing

4440 I Expired/No Inspection

4441 I Drive Over Fire Hose Or Equip

4442 I Insp Sticker No Inspection

4443 I Altered Inspection Sticker

4444 I Overloaded/Overcrowded Vehicle

4445 I Fail To Burn Headlamps

4446 I No Headlights On Wipers On

4447 I Improper Turn

4448 I Red Light Violation

4449 I Exceeding Posted Speed

4450 I Speeding

4451 I Improper Use Of Traffic Lane

4452 I Fail Yld Stopsign/Flsh Red Lgt

4453 I Failure To Yield - Yield Sign

4454 I Fail Stop Stopsign/Flsh Red Lt

4455 I Fail To Stop-Steady Red Light

4456 I Too Fast For Conditions

4457 I Obstructed Windshield/Windows

4458 I Unsafe Movement

4459 I Fail To Signal When Turning

4460 I Failure To Reduce Speed

4461 I Stop Where Traffic Obstructed

4462 I Unsafe Tires

4463 I Unsafe Passing Oncoming Traf

4464 I Unsafe Passing Crest Or Curve

4465 I Unsafe Passing Rr Or Intersect

4466 I Drive Wrong Way-One Way St/Rd

4467 I Exceeding Safe Speed

4468 I Speeding In School Zone

4469 I Unsafe Passing Yellow Line

4470 I Fail To Wear Seat Belt-Driver

4471 I Fail To Wear Seat Belt

4472 I Fail To Secure Passen Under 16

4473 I Fail Wear Seat Belt-Front Seat

4474 I Speed On School Property Ord

4475 I Speed In Hwy Work Zone

4476 I Fail To Stop For Rr Warning

4477 I Fail To Dim Headlamps

4478 I Speed Faster Than Reasonable

4479 I Fail To Obey Rr Signal

4480 I Fail Pedestrian Right Of Way

4481 I No Lights On Parked Vehicle

4482 I Following Too Closely

4483 I Illegal Parking

4484 I Improper Passing

4485 I Transport Child Open Cargo Bed

4486 I Improper Muffler


4488 I Improper Brakes

4489 I Improper Vehicle Inspection

4490 I Windshield Wiper Equip Viol

4491 I Federal Safety Inspect Viol

4492 I Drive Without Two Headlamps

4493 I Unlawfully Pass Em/Pub Sv Veh

4494 I Leave Veh Unattended/Unsecure

4495 I Park Fire Hyd/Station/Priv Dr

4496 I Overtime Parking

4497 I Handicapped Parking Violation

4498 I Darkened Windshield/Windows

4499 I Traffic Infraction Violation

4501 I Speed In Excess Of 25 Mph

4502 I Speed In Excess Of 35 Mph

4503 I Speed In Excess Of 45 Mph

4504 I Speed In Excess Of 55 Mph

4505 I Speed In Excess Of 65 Mph

4506 I Unsafe Lane Change

4507 I Center Lane Violation

4508 I Designated Lane Violation

4509 I Lane Change Signal Violation

4510 T Fail Move Over Inj Person/Prop

4511 F Fail Move Over Ser Inj/Death

4512 I Fail Wear Seat Belt-Rear Seat

4513 I Driver<18 Use Cell Phone In Mv

4514 T School Bus Drvr Use Cell Phone

4515 M Texting/Email Viol School Bus

4516 I Texting/Email Viol Motor Veh

4517 T Safety/Emission Inspect-No Lic

4518 I License Plate Frame/Cover Viol

4519 I Fail To Yield To Pedestrian

4520 I Location Of Tv In Vehicle

4521 I Unsafe Move Mc Chng/Lv Lanes

4522 I Unsafe Move Mc Crash Dmge/Inj

4523 I Texting/Email Viol Cmv

4524 I Unsafe Move Mc Crash Sbinj

4525 I Unsafe Move Mc Crash>5,000

4526 I Reg Card Address Change Vio

4527 I Fail Carry Valid Drivers Lic

4528 I Fail Carry Registration Card

4529 I Fail Sign Registration Card

4530 I Passenger Restriction Level 2

4531 I Lic/Permit Seat Belt Viol <18

4532 I Lic/Permit Seating Viol <18

4533 I Texting Viol Motor Veh

4534 I Texting Viol Commercial Veh

4535 I Lic/Prmt Viol Oth Rstrctn <18

4536 I Mobile Phone Viol Motor Veh

4537 I Mobile Phone Viol Comm Veh

4540 I Poss Opn Cnt/Cons Alc Psg Area

4541 I Low-Speed Vehicle Violation

4542 F Fel Hit/Run Fail Stop Inj Rv 1

4543 F Fel Hit/Run Fail Stop Inj Rv 2

4544 I Highway Rr Crossing Violation

4545 I Pass/Comm Mv Rr Crossing Viol

4546 I Heavy Equip Rr Crossing Viol

4547 I Hov Lane Violation

4548 I Fail To Yield To Pedestrian

4549 I Fail To Yield Serious Injury

4550 I Drive Left Of Center-Pass Rght

4551 I Illegal Right Turn On Red

4552 I Improper Passing On Right

4553 I Wrong Way On Dual Lane Highway

4554 I Failure To Dim Lights Meet Veh

4555 I Fail Remove Crash From Road

4556 I Drive Wrong Way-One Way Local

4557 I Drive Wrong Way-One Way Dot

4558 I Cmv Lane Vio Interstate/Ca Hwy

4559 I Fail To Obey Rr Signal Cmv

4560 I Highway Rr Crossing Cmv Viol

4561 I Certain Cmv Stop Rr Crossing

4562 I Heavy Equip Rr Cross Cmv Viol

4563 I Stop Where Traf Obstructed Cmv

4564 I Fail To Yield Emerg Veh No Acc

4565 I Stop/Leave Stand Mv Inter/Cah

4566 I Fail Maintain Lane Control

4567 I Twin Trailer Non-Designate Rte

4568 I Veh Tow Oth Veh Keep Rght

4569 I Improper Use Dealer Plates

4570 I Improper Pass Too Close Left

4571 I Improper Pass Return Right

4572 I Vehicle Height Violation

4573 I Fail To Notify Dmv Addr Change

4574 I Expired Operators License

4575 T Obtain Dr Lic By Fraud

4576 T Obtain Comm Dr Lic By Fraud




4701 F Fel Serious Injury By Vehicle

4702 F Agg Fel Ser Injury By Vehicle

4703 F Agg Felony Death By Vehicle

4704 T DWLR Aft Impaired Rev Notice

4705 T Fta 2 Yr Aft Imp-Consent Off

4706 F Repeat Felony Death By Vehicle

4707 F Pass Stopped Bus Strike Person

4708 F Fel Hit/Run Ser Inj/Death

4709 F Fel Hit/Run Ser Inj/Death Rv 1

4710 F Fel Hit/Run Ser Inj/Death Rv 2

4711 F Fel Hit/Run Injury

4712 F Fel Hit/Run Injury Rv 1

4713 F Fel Hit/Run Injury Rv 2

4714 T Dwlr Aft Impaired Rev Notice

4715 T Fta 2 Yr Aft Imp-Consentoff

4716 T DWLR Not Impaired Rev

4717 T DWLR Impaired Rev

4718 T A&A DWLR Not Impaired Rev

4719 T Aid&Abet DWLR Impaired Rev

4720 T Imp Use Temp Dealer Permit/Tag

4721 T Cancl/Revok/Susp Certif/Tag

4722 T Fict/Alt Title/Reg Card/Tag

4723 F Pass Stop Sch Bus-Cause Death

4724 T DWI - Aggravated Level 1

4725 T Dwlr Not Impaired Rev

4726 T Dwlr Impaired Rev

4727 T A&A Dwlr Not Imparied Rev

4728 T Aid&Abet Dwlr Impaired Rev

4801 M Resist/Obstruct Public Officer

4818 M Failure To Disperse

4820 T Fail To Obey Traffic Officer

4822 M Impersonation- Peace Officers

4899 Obstruct Police Violation

4904 M Harboring Fugitive

4905 F Felony Harboring Escapee

4910 M Escape By Hired Prisoner

4912 M Escape From Local Jail

4914 F Escape From State Prison (F)

4916 M Escape From State Prison (M)

4918 F Fugitive

4920 M Persuading Inmates To Escape

4922 M Misdemeanor Escape Local Jail

4924 F Felony Escape Local Jail

4926 F Escape Private Correction Fac

4999 Flight/Escape Violation

5000 F Rico Perjury

5001 F Governors Warrant

5003 F Perjury

5004 F Subornation Of Perjury

5006 F Offering Bribes

5008 F Receiving Bribes

5010 M Obstructing Justice


5012 F Assault Exec Legl Court Offcr

5013 F Asslt Exec Legl Crt Offcr Weap

5014 F Asslt Exec Legl Crt Offcr Injr

5015 F Assault To Retal Vs Pub Offcr

5016 F Threaten Exec Legl Court Offcr

5017 F Assault Retal Vs Pub Off/Weap

5018 F Threat Retal Vs Pub Off


5020 F Failure To Appear On Felony

5022 M Failure To Appear On Misd

5023 F Harassment Of Juror

5024 M Intimidation Of A Witness

5025 F Intimidating Witness

5026 M Violation Of Court Order

5028 M Criminal Contempt

5029 M Contempt By Probationer

5030 M Misdemeanor Probation Viol

5032 F Felony Probation Violation

5033 F H/I Felony Probation Violation

5034 M Show Cause

5036 M Bill Of Particulars

5038 M Misd Prob Viol Out Of County

5040 F Fel Prob Viol Out Of County

5042 M Probation Revocation Appeal

5044 M Probation Revocation Appeal

5046 M Motions

5048 M Motion To Withhold Wages

5099 Public Order-Free Text

5102 F Bribery - Offering

5103 F Bribery - Receiving

5199 Bribery Violation

5201 M Permit Children Use Firearms

5202 M Carrying Concealed Weapon

5203 M Poss Weapon On School Grounds

5204 M Possess Handgun By Minor

5205 M Sell/Give Weapon To Minor (M)

5213 M Shooting Within City Limits

5221 M Go Armed To Terror Of People

5222 M Possession Of Machine Gun (M)

5225 M Possess Weapon By Prisoner (M)

5226 M Sell/Purchase Weapon No Permit

5228 M Shooting/Throwing At Train (M)

5230 M Deadly Weapon Off Premises

5235 M Weapons On Educ Prop/Aid (M)

5240 M Carrying Concealed Gun(M)

5241 M Poss Weapon State Prop/Crthous


5244 I Conceal Handgun Permit Viol(I)

5245 I Conc Handgun Prohibit Premise

5246 M Conceal Handgun Permit Viol(M)

5251 M Providing Tobacco To Inmate

5252 M Providing Phone/Elec To Inmate

5253 M Inmate Poss Tobacco/Phone Elec

5254 M Conc Handgun Aft/Whl Cons Alc

5255 M Conc Handgun Prohibit Premise

5257 M Poss Tobacco By Inmate

5258 F Poss Phone/Comm Dev By Inmate

5259 F Providing Phone/Elec To Inmate



5299 Weapon Offense Violation

5301 F Felony Inciting To Riot

5302 M Riot - Inciting

5303 M Trespass During Emergency (M)

5304 F Trespass During Emergency (F)

5308 M False Fire Alarm

5309 M Harassing Phone Call

5310 M Resisting Public Officer

5312 M Fail To Disperse On Command

5314 M Impersonate Law Enforcemnt (M)

5315 F Operate Veh With Blue Light

5316 F Blue Light Cause Stop/Yield

5317 M Imperson Ems Personnel/Fireman

5320 M Barking Dog

5321 M Allow Dog To Run At Night

5322 M Indecent Language On Telephone

5325 T Blocking Fire Exit

5326 M Cyber-Bullying Def =>18

5327 M Cyber-Bullying Def <18

5328 M Communicating Threats

5329 M Misdemeanor Stalking

5330 M Disorderly Conduct

5331 M Disorderly Conduct-School

5332 M Disorderly Conduct At Terminal

5333 M Ethnic Intimidation

5334 M Teaching Ethnic Intimidation

5335 M Obstruct Health Care Facility

5336 T Obstructing Fire Operations

5337 M Cyberstalking

5338 M Threatening Phone Call

5339 F Felony Stalking

5340 M Sex Offn Viol No Contact Order

5341 M Drive On Closed/Unopened Hwy

5342 M Put Injurious Object In Road

5344 M Exceed Bridge Load Limit

5345 F False Bomb Report

5346 M False Bomb Report

5347 F Hoax By False Bomb

5348 M Hazing

5349 F False Bomb Report Public Bldg

5350 M Keeping A Disorderly House

5351 F Hoax False Bomb Public Bldg

5352 M Refuse Release Line Emergency

5354 M Handling Dangerous Reptiles

5356 M Profane Language On Highway

5357 F False Rep Law Enf Child Victim

5358 M Misuse Of 911 System

5359 M Misuse Of 911 System

5360 M False Ambulance Request

5361 M Interfere Emerg Communication

5362 M False Report To Police Station

5363 F False Rpt Mass Viol Educ Prop

5364 M Public Disturbance

5365 M Disorderly Conduct Funeral

5366 M Disorderly Cond Funeral 2 Off

5367 F Disorderly Cond Funeral 3/+

5368 F Disorderly Cond Funeral 2 Off

5369 M Remove/Etc Political Sign Viol

5370 F Commercial Littering

5371 F Littering Hazardous Waste

5372 M Littering Not > 15 Lbs

5373 M Littering 15 - 500 Lbs

5374 F Littering > 500 Lbs

5375 I Unintentional Litter <= 15 Lb

5376 I Unintentional Litter 15-500 Lb

5377 I Unintentional Litter > 500 Lb



5381 M Misdemeanor Stalking

5382 F Felony Stalking

5383 M Cyber-Bully Sch Emp-Student

5399 Public Peace Violation

5400 T Poss/Disp Alt/Fict/Revd Dr Lic

5401 T Know Fict/Canc/Rev/Susp Lic

5402 T Speed To Elude Arrest

5403 T Dui - Drugs (Repealed /83)

5404 T Dui - Alcholic Beverage (R/83)

5405 T Driving While Impaired

5406 F Felony Death By Vehicle

5407 T No Registration Card

5408 T Impede Traffic Sit/Stand/Lie

5409 T Allow Use Of License Or Permit

5410 T Allow Unlicense Minor To Drive

5411 T Display/Use Another License

5412 T Drive Left Of Center

5413 T Reckless Driving Aft Alc(R/83)

5414 T No Child Restraint System

5415 T Over Load Size/Length/ Vehicle

5416 T Dot Special Permit Violation

5417 F Possess Stolen Motor Vehicle

5418 T Driving While License Revoked

5419 T Speed Less Than Posted Minimum

5420 T Fail To Surrender Title

5421 T Fail To Notify Dmv Addr Change

5422 T Motorcycle Fail Burn Headlamps

5423 T Dui-Driving Instructor (R/83)

5424 T Motorcycle Fail Burn Taillight

5425 T Improper Loading Of Vehicle

5426 T Fail To Heed Light Or Siren

5427 T Drive W/O Rear Lamps

5428 T Fail To Stop For Stopped Bus

5429 T Dui - Fourth Offense (R/83)

5430 T Motorcycle Fail To Wear Helmet

5431 T Drive W/.1 Or More Bl Alc(R83)

5432 T Failure To Yield

5433 T Drive Wrong Way On Dual Lane

5434 T Fictitious Drivers License

5435 T Hit - Run Property Fail Info

5436 T Hit And Run - Fail Info

5437 T Hit-Run Person-Fail Assist (M)

5438 T Hit-Run Person Fail Stop (F)

5439 T Hit-Run -- Unattended Vehicle

5440 T Inspection Violation

5441 T No Operators License

5442 T Prearranged Speed Competition

5443 T Misdemeanor Death By Vehicle

5444 T Overloaded/Overcrowded Vehicle

5445 T Fail To Burn Headlamps

5446 T Reckless Driving To Endanger

5447 T Improper Turn

5448 T Red Light Violation

5449 T Allow Fictitious Reg Plate

5450 T Speeding

5451 T Improper Use Of Traffic Lane

5452 T Speed Competition

5453 T Allow Intox Person Drive(R/83)

5454 T Stop Sign Violation

5455 T Fail Comply Lic Restrictions

5456 T Too Fast For Conditions

5457 T Obstructed Windshield

5458 T Unsafe Movement

5459 T DWI 2Nd Offense

5460 T Failure To Reduce Speed

5461 T Expired Registration Card/Tag

5462 T Unsafe Tires

5463 T Spinning Tires

5464 T Reckless Drvg-Wanton Disregard

5465 T Fict/Cncl/Rev/Alt Reg Card/Tag

5466 T Drive Wrong Way-One Way St/Rd

5467 T Exceeding Safe Speed

5468 T Fictitious Info To Officer

5469 T Expired Operators License

5470 T Allow Unlicensed To Drive

5471 T Aid And Abet Impaired Driving

5472 T Dui - Second Offense (R/83)

5473 T Dui - Third Offense (R/83)

5474 T DWLR Permanent

5475 T Fail Comply Restricted Driving

5476 T Fail To Stop For Rr Warning

5477 T Fail To Dim Headlamps

5478 T Speed Faster Than Reasonable

5479 T Fail To Report Accident

5480 T Fail Pedestrian Right Of Way

5481 T No Lights On Parked Vehicle

5482 T Following Too Closely

5483 T Illegal Parking

5484 T Improper Passing

5485 T Dr/Allow Reg Plate Not Display

5486 T Improper Muffler

5487 T No Motorcycle Endorsement

5488 T Improper Brakes

5489 T No Liability Insurance

5490 T Leave Scene Of Accident

5491 T Drive/Allow Mv No Registration

5492 T Drive W/O 2 Headlamps

5493 T License Not In Possession

5494 T Operate Veh No Ins

5495 T Park Fire Hyd/Station/Priv Dr

5496 T Overtime Parking

5497 T Handicapped Parking Violation

5498 T Willful Speed Competition

5499 T Traffic Offense Violation

5501 T Speeding School/Activity Bus

5502 T Fail To Obtain Reg Or Title

5503 T Reg/Title Address Change Vio

5504 T Oper Moped Less Than 16 Yoa

5505 T Fail Exhibit/Surrender License

5506 T Use Foreign License While DWLR

5507 T Location Of Tv In Vehicle

5508 T Fail To Apply For New Title

5509 F Motor Vehicle Rental Fraud

5510 T Fail To Sec Red Flag On Load

5511 T DWI - Level 1

5512 T DWI - Level 2

5513 T DWI - Level 3

5514 T DWI - Level 4

5515 T DWI - Level 5

5516 T DWI - Level 5 - Aid/Abet

5517 T DWI (.10) - Level 1

5518 T DWI (.10) - Level 2

5519 T DWI (.10) - Level 3

5520 T DWI (.10) - Level 4

5521 T DWI (.10) - Level 5

5522 T DWI (.10)-Level 5 Aid/Abet

5523 T Aid & Abet Operators Lic Viol

5524 T Learners Permit Violation

5525 T Special Id Fraud Violation

5526 T DWI - Provisional License

5527 F Habitual Impaired Driving

5528 T Reproduction Of Insp Sticker

5529 T Fail Weigh/Enter Weigh Station

5530 M Dog Vaccination

5531 T Aid And Abet DWLR

5532 T Buy/Sell Vehicle No License

5533 T Failure To Deliver Title

5534 F False Certification Of Title

5535 T Display Anothers Lic As Own

5536 T Fail Surr Title/Reg Card/Tag

5537 T Deliv/Accept Blank/Open Title

5538 T Give/Lend/Borrow Lic Plate

5539 T Overtaken Veh Inc Speed Collsn

5540 M Treatment W/O Req License

5541 M Barbering W/O Certificate

5542 M No Barbershop/School Permit

5543 F Specl Id Fraud In Commit Fel

5544 M Public Health Violation

5545 M Fail To Report For Tb Treatmnt

5546 M Sewage Disposal Violation

5547 F B/I/S/P Forged Inspection

5548 F Dump Toxic Substances

5549 T Speeding In School Bus

5550 T Fail To Obey Traffic Officer

5551 T MV Sublease Violation (M)

5552 F MV Sublease Violation (F)

5553 T DWLR Viol Restored Lic

5554 F Pass Stopped Bus Ser Bod Inj

5555 T Possesion Stolen Vehicle(Misd)

5556 T Fict/Cncl/Rev Reg Card/Tag

5557 T Reg Plat Improperly Attached

5558 T Altered Reg Card/Tag

5559 T DWLR Viol .16 Ac Lmtd Drv Prv

5560 T DWLR Viol Limited Drive Priv

5561 T Drive W/O Lic For Veh-Non Comm

5562 T Sell False Drivers Lic/Permit

5563 T Sell Handicapped Placards

5564 T Obtain Dr License By Fraud

5565 T Permit Operation Veh No Ins

5566 T Tampering With Vehicle Parts

5567 T Tampering With Vehicle Steal

5568 T Tampering With Vehicle

5569 T Fail To Sign Registration Card

5570 T Drive After Drinking Prov Lic

5571 T Impaired Superv/Instruction

5572 M Drink Beer/Wine While Driving

5573 T Covering/Disguising Reg Plate

5574 T Improper Use Dealer Permit/Tag

5575 T False Report Of Theft Of Mv

5576 T Use Of Red Or Blue Light

5577 T Drive After Consuming < 21

5578 I Cover Reg Sticker/Plate

5579 T Radar Detector Comm Vehicle

5580 T Twin/Semi Trailer Viol(M)

5581 F Fel Hit/Run Fail Stop Per Inj

5582 T Fail To Give Info/Aid Per Inj

5583 T Hit/Run Fail Stop Prop Damage

5584 T Hit/Run Leave Scene Prop Dam

5585 T Designated Truck Route Viol

5586 T NC Id Card Fraud

5587 T Fail File Rep/Notc Unclaim Mv

5588 F Change Of Mileage Viol

5589 I Poss Opn Cnt/Cons Alc Psg Area

5590 F Altering Serial Numbers

5591 T Alter Title

5592 F Alter Title

5593 F Sell False Drivers Lic/Permit

5594 T Open Cont After Cons Alc 1St

5595 T Open Cont Aftr Cons Alc Subofn

5596 T Window Tinting Viol

5597 T Fail To Enter/Weigh Station

5598 F False Lic/Perm In Commit Fel

5599 Traffic Offense-Free Text

5610 T DWI Commercial Vehicle

5611 I Ramp Meter Violation

5615 T Commercial DWI Under Influence

5620 T Commercial DWI >=.04

5621 T Commercial DWI Sch I CS

5622 T Consume Alcohol Comm Veh

5624 T Consume Alch Sch Bus/Child Veh

5625 I Possess Alcohol In Cmv

5626 T Consume Alc Comm Veh 2Nd/Sub

5627 T Con Alc Sc Bus/Chl Veh 2Nd/Sub

5628 F Sex Offn W/O Cmv P/S Endorse

5630 T Learners Permit Violation >18

5633 T Lic/Prmit Time Limit Viol <18

5634 T Lic/Permit No Supv Driver <18

5635 T DWLR License Not Reclaimed

5636 T Dwlr License Not Reclaimed

5637 F Elude Arrest Mv Cause Death

5638 F Elude Arrest Mv Death 2 Af

5639 F Elude Arrest Mv Death >=3 Af

5640 T Flee/Elude Arrest W/Mv (M)

5641 F Flee/Elude Arrest W/Mv (F)

5642 F Elude Arrst Mv 2 Agrvtg Fctrs

5643 F Elude Arrst Mv >=3 Agrv Fctrs

5644 T Aggressive Driving

5645 F Passenger Flee Acc Inj/Death

5646 T Passenger Flee Acc Prop Dam

5647 T Passenger Fail Give Info/Aid

5655 T No Drivers Lic Comm Vehicle

5656 T Oper Comm Veh Comm Nol

5657 T Drive Cveh Clic Disqualified

5660 T Drive Cveh W/C Lic Sus/Rev/Dqd

5661 T Comm Dl Not In Possession

5662 T Dr Com Veh W/O Proper Endorse

5663 T Cmv Out-Of-Service Order Viol

5670 T Fail To Mark For Hire Vehicle

5671 T Window Tint Viol Cmv

5674 T Fail Display/Advt Lic Or List

5680 T Radar Detector Comm Vehicle

5682 T Motor Carrier Log Book Viol

5685 T Reckless Drvg W Cmv Load Prmt

5686 T Speed > 15 Over Cmv Load Prmt

5687 T Speed >=15 Over Cmv Load Prmt

5689 T Falsified Record Duty Status

5690 T Fail Ret Prev 7 Dy Duty Status

5691 T Medcl Examined/Cert Fmcr Viol

5692 T Evade Fmcr Fail Have Rec Duty

5693 T Fmcr Fail Have Org/Cpy Med Cer

5699 T Comm/Other License Violation

5701 M Trespass On Posted Property

5702 F First Deg Tresp-Infrastruct-F

5703 M First Deg Tresp-Infrastruct-M

5704 M Secret Listening Prisoner/Atty

5705 M Trspss Posted Prop Pine Straw

5706 M Trespass On Posted Property

5707 M Trespass Without A License

5708 M First Deg Tresp Enter/Remain

5709 M Second Degree Trespass

5710 M Forcible Trespass

5711 M Ride On Train Unlawfully

5712 M Injury To Personal Property

5713 M Ride On Train Unlawfully

5714 M Misdemeanor Secret Peeping

5715 F Felony Secret Peeping

5716 M Domestic Crim Trespass(M)

5717 F Dom Cr Trespss Safe House Weap


5719 M Deface Grave/Grave Site (M)

5720 F Disturb Casket/Grave Marker

5721 F Desecrate Grave Site >=$1000

5722 F Desecrate Human Remains

5723 F First Deg Tresp/Ebci 2Nd/Sub

5729 M Trespass W/All Terrain Veh

5730 M Trespass On Airport Property

5731 M Trespass On Rr Right-Of-Way

5732 M Injury To Railroad Property

5733 M Impede/Prevent/Impair Oper Rr

5799 Invade Privacy Violation

5803 T DWLR Viol Ldp - Impaired Rev

5804 T DWLR Viol Ldp - Non Impaired

5805 T Dwlr Viol Ldp - Impaired Rev

5806 T Dwlr Viol Limited Drive Priv

5876 F Forge Inspect Sticker/Receipt

5877 F Solicit/Accept Value Fail Insp

5878 F Buy/Sell Ele Insp Veh Not Pass

5879 T False Applic Reg/Title

6028 I No Smoking Viol-Restaurant/Bar

6029 I No Smoking Viol-Local Ord

6030 M Dog/Cat/Ferret Vaccination

6039 M Practice Pharmacy W/O License

6040 M Treatment W/O Req License

6041 M Barbering W/O Certificate

6042 M No Barber Shop/School Permit

6043 M Practice Medicine W/O License

6044 M Public Health Violation

6045 M Fail To Report For Tb Treatmnt

6046 M Sewage Disposal Violation

6048 F Dump Toxic Substances

6049 F Pract Medicine W/ Non-Nc Lic

6099 Health Law Violation

6170 F Controlled Substance Tax Crime

6175 M Tax On Drugs

6180 M Fail To File/Pay Income Tax

6181 M Fail To Withhold Tax

6185 F Aid/Assist Fraud Tax Return

6186 F Tax Fraud By Preparer >= $100K

6187 F Tax Fraud By Preparer < $100K

6188 F Attempt To Evade Or Defeat Tax

6189 F Tax Fraud By Non-Preparer

6190 M Fail To File/Pay Sales Tax

6195 M Fail To List Property For Tax

6199 Tax Revenue Violation

6201 M No Trout License - Nr

6202 M Fishing Without A License-Nr

6203 M Hunting Without A License-Nr

6204 M Trap Without A License-Nr

6205 M Instigate Cruelty To Animals

6206 F Cruelty To Animals(F)

6207 M Fishing Without A License

6208 M Hunting Without A License

6209 M Trap Without A License

6210 M Cruelty To Animals(M)

6211 M Abandonment Of An Animal

6212 M Fishing Without A License

6213 M No Trout License

6214 M No Hunting License

6215 M No Big Game License

6216 M Motorvessel W/O Lifesaving Dev

6217 M Hunt/Fish/Trap-No Game License

6218 I Failure To Wear Hunter Orange

6219 M Unlawfully Take Mig Game Bird

6220 M Selling/Buying Wildlife

6221 M Take Game During Closed Season

6222 M Exceeding Game Limit

6223 M Oper Motorvessel Invalid Num

6224 M Boating W/O Req Lights/Equip

6225 M Use Unplugged Shotgun

6226 M Poss Deer Taken Closed Season

6229 M Kill Animal By Starvation

6230 M DWI - Motor Boat/Vessel

6231 M Fish With Unlawful Bait

6232 M Poss Natural Bait/Trout Waters

6233 M Tow Water Ski W/O Observer

6234 M Personal Watercraft Viol

6235 M Vess On Water Fail Stop Ord Le

6236 M Motorvessel Numbering Offenses

6237 M Boat Access Area-Other Purpose

6238 M Tow Water Ski W/O Life/Mirror

6239 M Boat Access Impede By Obstruct

6240 M Spotlight Deer/Night Deer Hunt

6242 M Shine/Sweep Light For Deer

6243 M Camping Violations

6244 M Open Burning When Prohibited

6246 M Fail Report/Tag Big Game

6247 M Wildlife Compact Violation

6248 M Litter Gameland/Access Area

6249 M Motorvessel Fire Extingush Vio

6250 M Hunt/Fish Post Prop No Permit

6251 M Hunt From State Road

6252 M Hunt From Motor Vehicle

6253 I Park In Boat Access Area Viol

6254 M Drive On Gamelands Illegally

6255 M Opert Atv Sandhills/Gameland

6256 M Exceeding No Wake Speed

6257 M Unlawful Use Boat Access Area

6258 M Camping Violations

6259 F Dog Fighting

6260 M Cockfighting

6261 M Animal Fighting

6262 M Take Shrimp In Closed Area

6263 F Cockfighting

6264 M Fish Trout Water Closed Season

6265 M Poss <=3 Mtn Trout Closed Seas

6266 M Comm Fishing No Vessel License

6267 M Com/Mech Fish No Shellfish Lic

6268 M Gill Net Violation

6269 M Crab Or Crab Pot Violation

6271 M Negligent Hunting

6272 M Poss Firearm Closed Season

6279 M Pound Net Or Stakes Violation

6280 M Take/Poss Undersize Fish

6281 M Take Shellfish Polluted Water

6282 M Take/Poss Undersize Bluefish

6283 M Take/Poss Undersize Clams

6284 M Take/Poss Undersize Flounder

6285 M Take/Poss Undersize Oysters

6286 M Take/Poss Undersize Red Drum

6287 M Take/Poss Undersize Spot Trout

6288 M Take/Poss Undersize Strpd Bass

6289 M Take/Poss Undersize Weakfish

6290 I Boat Safety Education Viol

6291 F Kill Animal By Starvation (F)

6299 Wildlife Violation

6303 M Exceed Limit Shellfish By<=20%

6304 M Exceed Limit Shellfish By >20%


6306 M Exceed Limit Finfish By<=50%

6307 M Exceed Limit Of Finfish By>50%

6308 M Trawl In Closed Area

6309 M Take/Poss Undersized Scallops

6310 M Take/Pos Oys/Scl Clsd Seas/Day

6311 M Take/Pos Finfish Clsd Seas/Day

6312 M Gill Net/Equip/Oper Violations

6313 M Channel Net Violations

6314 M Poss Finfish W/O Head/Tail

6315 M Prohibited Gear Nursery Area

6316 M Oys/Clam/Mus W/O Harvest Tag

6317 M Reporting/Trip Ticket Viol

6318 M Take Clam Mech Mthd Clsd Ar/Se

6319 M Fishing Lease Violations

6321 M Take/Unld Oys/Clm Sun/At Night

6322 M Take/Pos Shrimp Clsd Seas/Per

6323 M Take/Poss Nass Grp/Jewfsh/Strg


6325 M Fish/Gear Tax Receipt Doc Viol

6327 M Take/Possess Undersized Eel


6341 M Imp Take Menhaden/Thread Herr

6342 M Exceed Personal Shellfish Limt

6343 M Recreational Fish W/O License

6344 M Improper Use Gill Nets Icww

6345 M Fish W/O Have Lic/Assign/Endor

6346 M Refuse Exhibit Lic/Assgn/Endor

6347 M Rec Fish Com Equip Wo Gear Lic

6348 M Take/Poss Undersize Oys <=20%

6349 M Take/Poss Undersize Oys >20%

6350 M Take/Poss Undersize Clam <=20%

6351 M Take/Poss Undersize Clam >20%

6352 M Take/Poss Undersize Crab <=20%

6353 M Take/Poss Undersize Crab >20%

6354 M Take/Pos Undrsize Finfish<=20%

6355 M Take/Pos Undrsize Finfish>20%

6356 M Use Trawl Net Wkend Clsd Per

6357 M Taking Crabs In Closed Area

6358 M Use Crab Pots In Non-Desg Area

6359 M Use Crab Pots Closed Season

6360 M Leave Pot/Gill Net Unattended

6361 M Use Gill Nets W/O Buoy/Ident

6362 M Use Pots W/O Buoy/Ident

6370 M Engage Wrc Act No Lic/Permit

6371 M Unlawful Taking Of Fish

6372 M Engage Reg Act No Lic/Permit

6373 M Solely Violation Rules Of Wrc

6374 M Take Mig Waterfowl W/O Lic

6375 M Fish W/Special Device W/O Lic

6376 M Fish W/Special Dev W/O Lic-Nr

6377 M Carry Axe/Saw Hunt Raccoon/Opo

6378 M Carry Axe/Saw/Cl Irn Clsd Seas

6379 M Set Trap W/O Met Tag Attached

6380 M Use Trotline W/ Live Bait

6381 M Fail Mark Trotline W/Name/Add

6382 M Fail Return Game Fish Unharmed

6383 M Possess <5 Undersize Fish

6384 M Poss <=3 Fish Over Creel Limit

6385 I Tow Water Ski W/O Observer(I)

6386 I Pers Crft Time/Speed/Float/Tow

6387 I Tow Water Ski W/O Life/Mirror

6388 I Exceeding No Wake Speed(I)

6389 I Oper Motorvessel Invalid Num

6390 I Motorvessel Numbering Offenses

6391 I Motorvessel W/O Lifesaving Dev

6392 I Boating W/O Req Lights/Equip

6393 I Motorvessel Fire Extingush Vio

6394 I Fishing Without A License-Nr

6395 I Fishing Without A License

6396 I Recreational Fish W/O License

6397 M Exceed Personal Shellfish Limt

6398 I Pers Wtrcrft Age/Instruction

6401 M Pers Wtrcrft Rental Insurance












































6501 M Remove/Disturb/Etc Plant/Rock

6502 M Coll Plant/Animal/Minrl No Per

6503 M Unlawful Use Metal Detectors

6504 M Rock Clmb/Rpl Undsg Area/No Pt

6505 M Swim/Wade/Bathe Undesign Area

6506 M Public Nudity In Parks

6507 M Carry/Dep Glass/Metal Pk Beach

6508 M Dispose Hh/Bus Garbage Prk Cnt

6509 M Ent/Rem Pk Bef/Aft Hrs W/O Per

6510 M Bathe Animal/Wash Clothes Park

6511 M Drive Veh In Pk Not Des Veh Tr

6512 M Dr Unlic Veh/Mtr/Mn-Bike In Pk

6513 M Park In Undesignated Areas

6514 M Lev Veh Unatt>12 Hr/Ongt No Pt

6515 M Obstruct Traffic In A Park

6516 M Boat/Raft/Canoe In Swim Area

6517 M Launch Boat/Raft/Can Und Area

6518 M Part Ath Contest Undesig Area

6519 M Ride/Unload Horse Undesig Area

6520 M Fishing In Undesignated Areas

6521 M Fish W/O Paying Required Fees

6522 M Coll Live Spec Fish Bait In Pk

6523 M Set Fire Undesignated Place

6524 M Set Fire When Proh By Park Emp

6525 M Fail Tend Fire Designated Plac

6526 M Prod Noise/Mus/Etc Ann/Dist Pk

6527 M Poss/Cons/Sale Alc Bev In Park

6528 M Poss/Cons/Sale Cont Sub Park

6529 M Being Intoxicated In A Park

6530 M All Animal Swim/Bath/Rest/Cab

6531 M All Animal Unatt/Unleash Park

6532 M All Animal Out Veh/Tent 9P-7A

6533 M Engage Comm Ent In Pk No Perm

6534 M Take Photo Comm In Pk No Perm

6535 M Erect/Post Not/Adv Pk No Perm

6536 M Meet/Cerem/Speech Pk No Perm

6537 M Set Fire 500Ft Woodland No Per

6538 M Burn Debris Clear Act No Per

6539 M Ign Mat 500Ft Wood Night No Pe

6540 M Burn When Burn Perm Cancelled

6541 M Open Burning When Prohibited

6542 M Set Fire 500Ft Woodland No Per

6543 M Burn Debris Clear Act No Per

6544 M Ign Mat 500Ft Wood Night No Pe

6545 M Burn When Burn Perm Canceled

6546 M Haras/Disturb Wildlife/Nest/Ot

6547 M Improper Attract/Feed Wildlife

6548 M Rock Clmb/Rpl Unauth Plc/No Pt

6549 M Moor/Impede Dock/Wharf/Oth

6550 M Boating Access Area Viol

6551 M Alc Bev Spcl Act Park Perm Vio

6552 M Remove/Disturb/Etc Plant/Rock

6553 M Coll Plant/Animal/Minrl No Per

6554 M Unlawful Use Metal Detectors

6555 M Swim/Wade/Bathe Undesign Area

6556 M Public Nudity In Parks

6557 M Carry/Dep Glass/Metal Pk Beach

6558 M Dispose Hh/Bus Garbage Prk Cnt

6559 M Ent/Rem Pk Bef/Aft Hrs W/O Per

6560 M Bathe Animal/Wash Clothes Park

6561 M Drive Veh In Pk Not Des Veh Tr

6562 M Dr Unlic Veh/Mtr/Mn-Bike In Pk

6563 M Park In Undesignated Areas

6564 M Lev Veh Unatt>12 Hr/Ongt No Pt

6565 M Obstruct Traffic In A Park

6566 M Boat/Raft/Canoe In Swim Area

6567 M Launch Boat/Raft/Can Und Area

6568 M Part Ath Contest Undesig Area

6569 M Ride/Unload Horse Undesig Area

6570 M Fishing In Undesignated Areas

6571 M Fish W/O Paying Required Fees

6572 M Coll Live Spec Fish Bait In Pk

6573 M Set Fire Undesignated Place

6574 M Set Fire When Proh By Park Emp

6575 M Fail Tend Fire Designated Plac

6576 M Prod Noise/Mus/Etc Ann/Dist Pk

6577 M Poss/Cons/Sale Alc Bev In Park

6578 M Poss/Cons/Sale Cont Sub Park

6579 M Being Intoxicated In A Park

6580 M All Animal Swim/Bath/Rest/Cab

6581 M All Animal Unatt/Unleash Park

6582 M All Animal Out Veh/Tent 9P-7A

6583 M Engage Comm Ent In Pk No Perm

6584 M Take Photo Comm In Pk No Perm

6585 M Erect/Post Not/Adv Pk No Perm

6586 M Meet/Cerem/Speech Pk No Perm

6587 M Haras/Disturb Wildlife/Nest/Ot

6588 M Improper Attract/Feed Wildlife

6589 M Rock Clmb/Rpl Unauth Plc/No Pt

6590 M Moor/Impede Dock/Wharf/Oth

6591 M Boating Access Area Viol

6592 M Alc Bev Spcl Act Park Perm Vio

7101 M Conversion Of Military Prop.

7102 M Destruction Of Military Prop

7103 M Fail To Register Military Prop

7110 M Remove/Alter Id Number

7112 M Retail Unlawful Recordings

7199 Property Violation

7301 F Perjury - Rico

7399 Public Order Violation

8410 I City/Town Violation (I)

8499 I Local Ordinance(I)-Free Text

8501 I Traffic Control Device Viol

8502 T Parking Violation

8503 I Parking Violation

8504 M Noise Ordinance Violation

8505 M Loiter For Drug Activity

8506 M Urinate In Public

8507 M Beach Strand Violation

8508 M City/Town Violation (M)

8509 I Spinning Tires

8510 M Leash Law Violation

8511 M Screeching Tires

8512 M Littering Public/Priv Places

8514 M Littering Beer/Wine Container

8516 M Illegal Dumping

8517 M Fail Provide Proof Fare Pay

8518 M No City Dog Tag

8520 M Unlicensed Pawnbroker

8521 M Solicit Alms/Beg For Money

8522 M Peddle License Violation

8526 T No City Tags

8528 M Allow Dog Run At Large/Night

8529 M Fail Provide Proof Proper Fare

8530 M Defrauding Taxi Driver

8532 M Selling Beer/Wine W/O License

8534 M Viol Of Fire Extinguisher Law

8535 M Curfew Violation

8536 M Loitering

8537 M Graffiti Viol

8538 M Obstruct Pedestrian Sidewalk

8540 M Trespass Or Sleep In Park Viol

8541 M Sleep In Public Place

8543 M Discharge Firearm In City

8544 M Possess Firearm On City Prop

8546 M Carelessness With Fire

8555 M Litter-Not>15Lb/27Cuft

8556 M Litter Beach-Not>15Lb/27Cu Ft

8557 M Litter - 15-500Lb/27-100Cu Ft

8558 F Comm Litter-Any Quantity

8559 F Litter Quan>500Lb Or>100 Cuft

8560 F Littering Hazardous Waste

8561 M Littering-Not > 15 Lbs.

8562 M Littering 15 - 500 Lbs.

8563 F Littering > 500 Lbs.

8570 M Barking Dog

8572 M Blocking Fire Exit

8599 Local Ordinance-Free Text

8999 I Infraction Violation

9901 F Extradition/Fugitive Oth State

9902 F Habeas Corpus

9903 I Child Bicycle Safety Violation

9904 F Governors Warrant

9905 F Injury To Pregnant Woman(F)

9906 M Injury To Pregnant Woman(M)

9909 I Certificate Of Relief

9910 F Accessory After The Fact (F)

9911 M Accessory After The Fact (M)

9912 F Access. Before The Fact (R/81)

9914 F Felony Aid And Abet

9916 M Misdemeanor Aid And Abet

9918 F Felony Conspiracy

9919 M Misdemeanor Conspiracy

9920 F Continuing Criminal Enterprise

9921 F Habitual Breaking/Entering

9922 F Habitual Felon

9923 F Violent Habitual Felon

9924 F Corporate Malfeasance

9926 M Scalping Tickets

9927 F Fail Disclose Origin Recording

9928 M Simulation Of Court Processes

9930 M Willful Fail Discharge Duties

9940 M Unlawful Transport Copper

9941 F Unlawful Transp/Poss Copper-F

9942 M Unlawful Transp/Poss Copper-M

9943 F Secondary Metals Recyc Viol-F

9944 M Secondary Metals Recyc Viol-M

9945 F False Lien Filings

9946 F Simulation Of Court Processes

9953 T Provisional Civil Rev Dl (30)

9954 T Civil Revocation Dr Lic (10)

9955 T Civil Revocation Dr Lic (30)

9956 T Drive After Drink-Prov Lic

9958 T Aid And Abet DWI

9960 T Drive-Cons Malt Bev Pass Area

9962 T Speeding - School Zone

9963 M Trespass/Impede School Bus

9964 T Exceeding Posted Speed

9966 M Maintn Veh/Dwell/Place CS (M)

9968 F Maintn Veh/Dwell/Place CS (F)

9970 M Sell Cigart Pack Labl Etc Viol

9974 M Possession Of Pyrotechnics

9975 M Sale Pyrotechnics To < 16 Yr

9976 M No Fire Extinguisher Mtr Boat

9977 M Notary No Know/Evid Identity

9978 M Operate Boat Reckless Manner

9979 M Campaign Contribution Viol

9980 T Covering/Disguising Reg Plate

9984 T Improper Use Of Dealer Permit

9999 Other Violation