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Asserting your Rights to the IRS

  • Tax Defense Attorney

    Experienced Charlotte-Based Tax Attorneys

    You should never have to face the IRS in Charlotte alone. From threatening letters and having to face revenue officers to the seizure of assets and properties, failing to handle your IRS-related cases effectively may result in unwanted situations. Hence, the need to hire a professional Charlotte-based Tax Attorney.

    You see, failing to handle your tax issues effectively may result in the IRS increasing your fees and interest costs which in turn leads to debts. Once things get to this point, the IRS starts treating you unfavorably.

    At Seward Tran LLP, we believe this should never be the case. Therefore, we offer our tax defense service that provides residents of Charlotte and its environs with professional tax attorneys.

    We are a Charlotte, NC based black-owned minority law firm that services Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union, Carrabba, Iredell, and Rowan counties.

    Our professional tax attorneys boast an unmatched level of experience gathered through years of handling tax-related cases for individuals, small businesses, middle-scale businesses, and large scale enterprises. We will dig into your case to allow us to analyze the situation at hand while working around them to offer the most suitable solution to your tax needs.

    Why Hire our Tax Defense Attorneys?

An Experienced Team

Seward Tran LLP is made up of experienced attorneys who have handled several tax-cases, from small to the most complex ones. We bring in this vast knowledge to every case we manage to give you a higher chance of winning. Now, you can be relaxed while we do the work.

Result Driven Process

We have handled several tax cases and thus understand that each case is different from the other. Therefore, we have come up with a unique result-driven process that sees us follow a client-focused approach to ensure the best results possible.

We are Always Updated

At Seward Tran LLP, we are dedicated to analyzing every situation to our client’s advantage. To achieve this, we make sure to stay updated with the latest Charlotte tax laws, as well as your lifestyle changes. This information enables us to exploit every detail to give you a higher hand with your tax case.

At Seward Tran LLP, our attorneys will research your case to find out the circumstances surrounding the charge, working around them to our client’s advantage.

Our attorneys are always available to help with your tax cases, so you never have to face the IRS alone, thereby boosting your chances of a better result.

Contact us via 704-500-2045, and we’ll be glad to help with your case at any time.